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Personal trainer Dean Callis is Positive Luxury’s resident fitness expert, on hand to answer any of your fitness, health and nutrition questions. Simply pop your question in the comment box and Dean will get back to you as soon as possible!


Polly Simms:

How do I get a body like Jessica Ennis? Or at least get rid of cellulite…


Hi Polly, 
Follow these first steps to have a body like Jessica Ennis!
Aerobic Exercise

Since cellulite is caused by fat deposits; the first step in combating cellulite is weight loss. A healthy diet and cardiovascular exercise will help you lose weight and start reducing cellulite. Aerobic exercises such as running, cycling and swimming are excellent means of burning calories, increasing your metabolism and losing weight. These types of workouts will target the large muscles and increase your circulation, allowing muscle cells to break down glucose for energy. The British Heart Association recommends 30 minutes of aerobic activity performed at moderate intensity every day Polly.


Also Polly, in addition to cardiovascular exercises, strength training programs that target cellulite-prone areas such as the Gluteus Maximus (Bum Area) and Thighs this will also aid in reducing cellulite. Squats are an excellent workout because they target the lower body, primarily the quadriceps and Gluteus Maximus, but also the abdominal muscles. Additionally, muscles are metabolically active and burn more fat than any other type of tissue. Thus by performing squats, you will tone your body, burn calories and build lean muscles which in turn, will burn more calories. To perform a squat, stand straight, ensuring that your torso is straight and your legs are wide apart. With dumbbells or a Kettle Bell in your hands, which are extended in front of you, bend your knees and slowly lower your hips. Lower your body into a squat, contracting your abdominal muscles in the process. Remain in the squat for five seconds and return to the starting position, contracting your abdominal muscles. Repeat as desired Polly.


Last but not least Polly lunges are another strength training exercise that will tone your body, help in building lean muscles and reducing the appearance of cellulite on your legs and Gluteus Maximus (Bum Area). To perform a lunge, enter in a split stance with your dominant foot in front and the non-dominant foot behind. Place your weight on your back foot and slowly begin to bend that knee. While bending that knee, begin to bend your front knee until it is in a 90-degree angle. While performing a lunge, ensure that your chest straight and contract your abdominal muscles and hamstrings. Hold this position for five seconds and return to the starting position by contracting your abdominal muscles, Gluteus Maximus (Bum Area) and hamstrings. Repeat as desired Polly.

Good Luck Polly!


Felicity Jones:

Hi Dean,

After having 4 kids I am not as confident as I used to be and would love some tricks to tone my tummy – can you recommend anything for me?


Hi Felicity, here’s my top 5 tips for toning your stomach-

1. Walk/Jog for 30 minutes at least 3 times a week to boost your metabolism in order to burn fat.

2. Limit your sugar intake, sugar adds empty calories and promotes weight gain.

3. Perform correct crunches at least 3 times a week to train your abs. Try to aim for 4 sets of 20 crunches. Avoid sit-ups because they really do very little to firm your stomach. Sit-ups work your hip flexors more than you abdominal muscles.

4. Drink plenty of water. You should be drinking 6 to 8 glasses per day. Not only will it keep you hydrated and healthy but it also aids in digestion.5. Eat smaller meals more often instead of 2-3 big meals per day to this will reduce that bloated look and feeling. Eating more meals actually kicks up your metabolism.

5. Just remember that slow and steady wins the race when it comes to slimming your waistline and flattening your stomach. There is no such thing as losing your stomach fast. You have to work at it daily and remain consistent with your diet and exercise. 



Trudy Wilson: 

Hi Dean,

I’m a working mum and during the week barely have time to squeeze in a jog. At weekends I enjoy spending as much free time as I can with my kids and I would love to also encourage them to live a healthy lifestyle. I have a daughter and a son aged 13 and 15 and I would like to know if you have any fun fitness tips on things we could do together to stay healthy but which are more engaging for them than a trip the to gym?!



Hi Trudy, here are some fun games for you and the family. It should be enough to keep them entertained and burn a few calories at the same time!


One child is the Bulldog and stands in the middle of the playing area, the size of the area is completely down to you of course! Everyone else will stand at the end. The aim of the game is to run from one end of the playing area to the other without being caught by the bulldog (Children). When a player is tagged, they become a Bulldog themselves and have to try to catch the others. The WINNER is the last player who is untagged. 

Stuck In The Mud:

One person is ‘IT’ everybody else has to run away from them but stay inside the playing area.  Once someone is tagged by the person who’s ‘IT’ they have to stand still with their feet apart. They are now ‘STUCK IN THE MUD’ until another player crawls under their legs and free them again. The game is only over once everyone is ‘STUCK IN THE MUD’ except whoever is ‘IT’. 

Hot Potato:

Find a nice big open space that you and your children can stand in a big circle facing inwards. Throw any size ball from one person to the next as if its too hot to handle. Every time the ball reaches you, encourage everyone to go faster.  The first person to drop the ball has to sit out, the last person with the ball is the WINNER.  


Jenn Hartley
: Any quick fix tips for an exercise-phobe to do at home? an easy 10 minute work out?

Dean: Hi Jen. Here’s a quick and effective work out you can do at home.

Minutes 1 to 2 – Brisk walking up and down a flight of stairs or brisk jogging on the spot.

Minutes 2 to 3 – As many half press ups as you can. Get down on all fours, knees together. Walk
                         hands out and lift feet, then move your hands slightly wider than your chest.
                         Head, neck and back and bum should all be in alignment. Keeping your abs tight
                         been elbows and lower chest towards the floor. Then press back up, try to do as
                         many as you can in 1 minute.

Minutes 3 to 4 – Brisk walking up and down a flight of stairs or brisk jogging on the spot.

Minutes 4 to 5 – As many half press ups as you can, try and beat your previous number.

Minutes 5 to 6 – Increase the pace of the brisk stair walking or jogging on the spot.

Minutes 6 to 7 – Chair Squats – Stand in front of a chair, feet hip distance apart, toes forward.
                         Lean chest slightly forward, bend knees, tap – don’t sit on the bottom of the chair- 
                         then stand up. Keep you weight in your heels and keep knees over toes.

Minutes 7 to 8 – Chair Dips – Sit on the edge of a sturdy chair, with hands next to hips. Slide your
                         bottom off the edge and bend elbows to 90 degrees. Be sure to keep your back
                         close to the chair, then push back up. Try to do as many as you can in 1 minute.

Minutes 8 to 9 – Walking Lunges With A Front Kick – Step forward with one leg and lunge until
                         your knee is above your front foot. Stand and kick up, lower your leg and repeat
                         with the other side.

Minutes 9 to 10 – Last minute increase pace for walking up and down the stairs or jogging on the
                          spot, remember this is your last minute of exercise so give it your all.



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