Belkin Chef Stand, (to pre order)

Home cooking need no longer be the preserve of the enviously ‘kitchen trained’. With the latest iPad holders- that make following recipes simpler- it is easier to impress at your next dinner party.

Belkin iPad Fridge Stand, (to pre order)

Belkin iPad Cupboard Stand, (to pre-order)

Belkin’s sleek kitchen accessories turn your iPad into a practical tool that is easier on the eye than the latest Delia, and simpler to use as well. Already available to purchase in the US you can find out how to pre order yours by clicking on the ‘buy’ tab.

Try Jamie Oliver’s excellent iPad apps that will guide you through some delicious and healthy recipes and give you tips on growing your own indoor herbs or, if you’re feeling adventurous, taking on the outdoors and growing winter veg that will go wonderfully with Christmas dinner. 

Jamie Oliver for iPad, £2.99 per recipe pack

Harry McKinley

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