Give Your Baby a Head Start

Ben and Anna Ridgway, founders of new pregnancy drink, WaterBaby, are celebrating their award for Best New Functional Water in the 2011 Worldwide Water Innovation Awards.  A busy year for a couple who launched this company whilst expecting their first baby!

 The concept of WaterBaby was born when morning sickness left first time mum-to-be, Anna, unable to take her essential daily prenatal supplements.  Concerned that her inability to secure a regular supply of folic acid was putting her baby at risk of developing a neural tube defect, Anna and Ben set about finding an alternative, more palatable, replacement to traditional supplements.  When feedback from research carried out with other mums-to-be echoed Anna’s difficulties and highlighted the true extent of this common problem, the Ridgway’s began working alongside a team of nutritional scientists from a leading drinks manufacturer, to create a much needed addition to the pregnancy care market.

Dandelion Baby met Anna and Ben as they launched WaterBaby, just a few short months ago.  Since then I have heard amazing feedback from women, just like myself, who desperately needed an alternative and refreshing way to keep hydrated during pregnancy, whilst securing the recommended daily allowance of folic acid, calcium, zinc and vitamins B6 and B12.  It is such a simple proposition and yet one that fills a big gap in the pregnancy market and which has therefore been received with open arms by the industry and press alike. 

Dandelion Baby caught up with the Ridgways to hear how they feel about the runaway success of the company they launched only a few months ago!  “Waterbaby has achieved so much in such a small time.  We have worked hard to develop a new and effective way for conscientious mums-to-be, like Anna, to comfortably secure those all important prenatal vitamins.” Ben says.  “To then compete with some of the largest drinks companies in the world and win an award is not only an amazing achievement for us, but also an integral part of our brand development and key to us being recognised in our field as innovators of functional and trustworthy products.”

Whilst I wish them luck with their next great adventure, the arrival of their first baby, I feel if the success of WaterBaby is anything to go by, they will sail through!

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