Sophia Rogge’s Top 5

Good hair hides a multitude of sins! More than 70% of us still do not have our hair at its maximum power potential and without a doubt the only way to achieve this is by using natural organic products that nourish your hair for long-term lasting luster. Quick fix chemical hits can cause hair to be limp and age prematurely. I’ve trawled the globe for the best organic and natural products, take a look at my top 5 below.

Phylia de M 3 Step Kit

This new dynamic shampoo, conditioner and connect trilogy has already been tweeted about by Kylie Minogue and was creating as big a buzz at the Oscars as The Artist.  And no wonder, it’s the culmination of a Japanese oncologist’s 35 years of work focusing on repairing the root of the hair to promote regeneration! Its organic cell and keratin renewal properties means that your hair begins to grow thicker.  I’m a big fan- with noticeably bigger hair.


Rare Elements Conditioner

This popular line created by hairstylist to the stars John Amato and model Teri LaVerne is made up of entirely natural ingredients. After experiencing firsthand the damging effects of weekly styling for photo shoots they created a sophisticated hair care system that was a solution rather than a camouflage to damaged hair. Each product purely and completely moisturizes each strand, while the special Essential Conditioner specifically targets the needs of ageing hair follicles.


Ojon Damage Reverse

Hand extracted in an eco-friendly fashion, the golden elixir from the Ojon tree in the Central American rainforest is the foundation of these natural products, it also accounts for their soothing warm nutty smell which I love.  I urge you to try the Damage Reverse  Restorative Hair Treatment which can be left over night for maximum effect.   And,  as an added bonus, this product will donate $5 to Breast Cancer Research Foundation, in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Rahua Travel Kit

The revitalizing effects of Rahua (ra-wa) oil means that the products penetrate the hair’s cortex to repair it, rather than merely coating the strands.  Think long term repair, rather than short term plaster jobbie.The Amazon is the source of these entirely organic natural hair products, and their Jet Setter Kit is the perfect travelling companion.

Wen Cleansing Conditioner

My mother and I were talking the other day about how we keep hearing that the best hair products are those that don’t lather – this is due to the absence of unnecessary chemicals.  WEN was one of the first of its kind and is unique in that it doesn’t offer shampoo at all.  Its been in business since 1993 with the ever popular Cleansing Conditioner that nurtures your hair and scalp without the use of lauryl-sulfates and detergents found in most hair products. 

Sophia Rogge

Designer Sophia Rogge is known for her bold and beautiful beachwear collections that donate 10% of profits to Coral For Conservation, a cause committed to working with fishing communities and the tourism industry to conserve the coral reefs that they so much depend upon.