Top 10 healthy snacks

Healthy Snacks

Prepping for when the sun (finally) comes out for spring means shedding those winter layers and getting back in shape. An easy way to do this is to try to cut out snacking between meals, or if like me, your snacking is your drunk man’s lamp post, simply swap in healthy alternatives. Here’s my top ten healthy – and tasty – snacks to help you get trim for the one week of summer we live in hope will get here soon.

1) Snog Frozen Yogurt

This delicious creamy frozen yogurt in chocolate, mango and green tea flavours, topped with fruit, is not only guilt-free but healthy too, so indulge as much as you want.

2) The Cherry + Pomegranate Yogurt

If you like your yogurt less chilly, you’d be hard pushed to find better than The Collective’s – gorgeous live yogurt with real fruit layers.

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