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This month we jump head first into the world of fitness to bring you all the best gadgets, products and tips from our Blue Butterflied brands. This week, we look at running.


The beauty of running is you can put on your trainers and your kit, and be out of the door, with the city (or the countryside) as your running track. You can take in nature and enjoy the outdoors with runs by rivers, around lakes, and through fields, and make them more challenging with hilly, cross country routes. Explore your city and enjoy the sights with road running, or join other runners by heading to your local park or track.  

One way of tracking your routes and your runs is to use the Nike+ running app. Use it on a run and it will calculate your time, distance, pace, and calories burned, and will also tell you of any improvements you have made and new records you have broken. To help push you to run harder and faster it will activate a ‘PowerSong’ from your iPod to get you going, and will also give you positive comments on your run to help keep you motivated. 


Although some fitness experts advise that running on a morning has more benefits, in the real world this is not always an option. When you choose to go will depend on when you can fit it in, as well as personal preference. For some, getting up for a run before work gives them time to wake up, clear their thoughts, and think about the day ahead, for others, pounding the payments after a day in the office is a perfect way to de-stress and make the most of the longer summer evenings. With no class timetable or opening hours to stick to, running really does give you the freedom to fit exercise into your life whenever it’s best for you.


What to eat depends on how long you are planning to run for. If you’re going for a light 15 – 30 minute run, Bodyism’s Lee Mullins advises eating a dish that provides a combination of protein, carbs and healthy fat. He recommends the Clean & Lean poached eggs with broccoli, rocket, grilled tomato & parmesan, which is incredibly quick and simple to make. Just steam some broccoli for 3-4 minutes or until tender, and at the same time poach one egg and grill half a tomato. Arrange on your plate, finish off with a side serving of rocket and grate a little parmesan over the top. Easy and delicious.

If you are planning on running any longer than this, Lee advises that “your body will still need some protein and healthy fat, but will perform better with a little more carbohydrates from a meal such as the Clean and Lean lettuce wraps which are quick to make, yummy and are incredibly popular at Bodyism. Or try the Clean and Lean Watermelon, feta, mint and honey salad, which is still light, but will help provide some natural carbohydrates.” Simply slice some watermelon onto a plate, crumble over some feta cheese (around 50g/2oz), scatter some fresh mint and a little drizzle of manuka honey over the top and you’re done!

After your run, Lee told us “your body has an amazing window of opportunity to help it recover and re feed it with nutrients and minerals. Straight after, if you can have a recovery shake/drink with some added protein such as our Protein Excellence, your body will recover quicker, continue to burn fat and help to create some long, lean muscle.” Exactly what we’re aiming for in order to hit the beach looking like Gisele. 


Running is always a popular sport with celebrities, just think of all those that have run the London Marathon, even royalty love to run! Stars who are known to enjoy a run include Pippa Middleton, Nathalie Vodianova, Agyness Deyn, oh and did we mention David Gandy?


Nike is one of the go to brands for running, and trainers are your most important piece of kit. Invest in a quality pair with the right level of support and you really will feel the difference. We love the Nike Free iD trainers, which give the feel of barefoot running and allow your feet to move more freely and naturally, meaning your muscles have to work that little bit harder. You can choose from different levels of cushioning and support, and even different widths, to ensure the perfect fit for you. And, if you thought trainer shopping might be boring, then think again, Nike iD also offers you the chance to turn designer and customise your trainers so they are unique to you. You can choose the colours of every part of your shoe, and even put words and numbers onto the tongues. Match them with the rest of your kit, or choose something bright and fun to get you going.



Feet can suffer when you become a regular runner, and that monthly pedicure may no longer be enough. Make sure you take care of them in between appointments with scrubs and moisturisers, the Fitness Foot Balm (£15.95) from Dr. Hauschka will cool tired feet after exercise, and help keep them soft and pretty.



Nicola Stewart

Nicola studied Psychology at Newcastle University before embarking on a career in fashion. Her experience spans seven years in the industry, working in both buying and PR. She now works as a freelance PR consultant and writes for both on and offline publications.