Brand Spotlight – Adessy Associates

Adessy Associates is this week’s brand spotlight. Adessy is the latin word meaning ‘to inspire’ which is exactly what this brand aims to do. The work of Adessy is to create a legacy of entrepreneurship and social investment by linking high net-worth individuals with sustainable projects around the world.

“We aim to combine business thinking and an entrepreneurial spirit, with not for profit intelligence. Our mission is to leverage social investment and create a legacy of economically viable, inspirational and practical change, for the benefit of present and future generations.”


Adessy are a London based company and the kind of innovative projects they coordinate include:

*Bespoke Prize / Award / Challenge: design and implementation,

*Pioneers for Change Leadership Programme and Alumni Network for HNW women and NextGen (men and women aged 18-45): education, experiences and mentoring to support and encourage social investment,

*Social Impact Funds: created for specific issues and themes with investors who have common objectives,

*Advisory Services; for individuals and / or a businesses’ corporate responsibility strategy and implementation.

The way that Adessy works is to take a more personal approach to social investment. They are committed to getting to know their clients and asking the right questions to ensure that they invest in the right projects and see excellent investment return on their chosen sector. Adessy also create investment vehicles, practical projects or initiatives to add value to or impact positively on critical issues.

To find out more about Adessy check them out here.

Katherine Sparshatt