You don’t have to be a Sailor to be Swept Away

It’s Cowes Week 2013! This is not, as the name might suggest, a week dedicated to the finer points of raising cattle, but a week devoted to yacht racing. So jump on board as we take you through some of our dream pieces to wear whilst watching the yacht racing at Cowes or to keep in mind next time you take to the waves.

 Sailing Fashion

There are lots of sailing inspired jewellery pieces around this season, not least the collection at Cred which is available in sizes for both men and women. Ideal for climbing on and off boats is this Logue London jumpsuit which is elegantly chic for a day of island hopping. We’ve also put together a few essentials for battling the salty sea breeze such as Seascape‘s Peppermint lipbalm, Pachacuti‘s wide brimmed hat and a demure Age of Reason, ‘Ship in a Storm’ scarf. All a’board!


Katherine Sparshatt