Haute Gali

Haute Gali

Haute Gali literally means chic street, a contradiction which is somehow completely accurate, and sells luxury products with strong local undertones. Inspired by a trip to India, founders Srishti and Vaibhav realised there was no platform to access the beautiful designer products you can find whilst travelling to the far corners of India, Morocco and Turkey.

This amazing brand has now finally launched their new website giving everyone the chance to get their hands on the unique pieces with nothing but at the click of a button. What’s even better is that Srishti and Vaibhav have curated brands that have an emphasis on sustainability. One such designer is Black Pepper Dessin who are trying to work with female artisans in India to help improve their standard of living, equally another designer is reviving a lost craft through her creations in Lost City Products. Haute Gali encourages its customer to take an interactive journey through their desktop to these exclusive hotspots as if they were in a real boutique in India, Turkey or Morocco.

From the moment you arrive on the new Haute Gali website you’re hit with beautiful imagery from the heart of the communities creating these astonishing products, the customer always knows that Haute Gali isn’t just about selling products but has a real message of support for local communities and designers.

But the new Haute Gali website isn’t just attractive; it is also incredibly functional and easy to use. With the products organised in three different ways no matter what you are looking for you can find it quickly. The first section, shop by designer, has the products broken down by the designers Balderdash, Black Pepper Dessin, Injiri, Joli, Lost City Products, Mitandio and Zariin. Each designer has an amazing range of products; Black Pepper Dessin creates an amazing selection of cushions sure to add some extra luxury to any home whilst Lost City Products design eye-catching embroidered clutches that belong in every girl’s wardrobe.

Haute Gali

The shop by category section is ideal for anyone who knows exactly what they want, broken down into accessories, bags, home and Jewellery it is extremely easy to navigate and really displays the great selection of products that they have on their website.

The final section is incredibly helpful, entitled Gift Ideas, products are broken down into For Her, For Him and For Home, brilliant for anyone trying to buy a present for a difficult girlfriend or a house warming present for a friend. This category is as inspirational as it is functional.

Haute Gali was founded by Srishti Dhawan and Vaibhav Kapoor. The creative brain behind the brand, Srishti has been working in retail for over 3 years. In addition, her experience in manufacturing and setting up her own fashion label holds her in good stead about knowledge in ethical trade. 

Vaibhav Kapoor is the business brain behind the brand. Vaibhav has been working in digital advertising. Prior to that, he worked as an investment banker and is equipped with all the knowledge to run a business successfully!

Haute Gali is a great brand and now that they have their fantastic new website no one will ever have to miss out on the wonderful range. 

Haute gali

Eloise Varma