The Power of Protein

There is so much information about protein powders available, lots of it is conflicting and lots of it promises the perfect beach body. But, this is only the case when you know how to use them properly – enter Positive Luxury!

We’re on the case to find out how and when protein powders should be consumed in order to maximise their benefits. We chatted to Pulsin’s Laura Bilas on why we should use protein powders and to get some motivating tips for the first time protein supplement user – we promise you will not end up looking like a bulky body builder!

Laura tells us that after having been very overweight herself, it was only when she started eating ‘clean’ with no added sugary carbohydrates, increased protein and not consuming any ‘nasties’ (as in artificial sweeteners, colourings and flavourings) that she achieved measurable, sustained fat loss. “After initial results, I then had the energy and confidence to start fitness training.”

Reading up on how increasing protein intake can not only make you feel fuller for longer but that protein also fuels muscle growth which results in fat loss, Laura decided to give it a try, “I tried many different brands of protein shakes – all convincing me that this is the wonder protein that will make me strong and achieve the bikini body I long for!”

Of course taking a protein shake loaded with sweeteners and flavourings is better than no protein at all but definitely minimally processed is the way to go, as they contain the higher percentage of protein and are nutritionally dense too.

In terms of fat loss, it is essential to train hard and then fuel hard! Always consume protein after your training – for repair and growth. Pulsin’ protein powders are great because they are so versatile and can be added to smoothies, juices and even hot meals like vegetable soup to increase their protein content. They are sold as an unflavoured powder and are gluten free, 100% natural, with no added sweeteners, giving you the freedom to develop your own recipes. The protein powders can be used as an ingredient for making healthy treats too. Laura suggests searching the internet as she has even made a protein cheesecake before!

Of course, even though this is a supplement you have to include the protein powders as part of your daily diet allowance. In regards to your goals and diet, Laura strongly suggests filling out a food diary. “Even though it can be annoying and take time to fill out, you can use this information to see how often you eat and also what type of foods you eat in order to start improving your diet and lifestyle. Once you have the exercise routine in place it may be a simple task of changing some food choices to achieve the results you want. I would suggest not cutting down too much on food intake (you will feel ratty and tired believe me!) but simply increase your exercise and the protein in your diet plus lots of green leafy veg! Also it is best to note how much sleep you get and fluid intake as these all play a key part as to how your body reacts to losing fat.”

Laura recommends the Pulsin’ Whey, Pea and Rice protein powders – these have the highest percentage of protein / 100g – meaning more protein to fuel your muscles and burn that fat! The new Sprouted Rice Protein has great qualities being 100% raw, vegan and 80% protein. The Whey Protein comes from UK grass-fed cows and has 90% protein content. The Soya Protein contains 90% protein and is a good dairy-free alternative to whey. The Pea Protein has 85% protein and is the perfect alternative for people avoiding dairy/soya proteins.


A great suggestion from Laura was to take protein as a supplement at breakfast – to jump start your metabolism and keep you fuller for longer, “I especially like it on my oats in the morning!”

Always after training have protein to keep your metabolism ticking along – aiding fat loss. It is still essential to consume healthy fats to maintain a healthy body – this can be through fish oils, nut butters, avocados etc. The body will not use this fat to put on fat if you are active. The Pulsin’ hemp protein has a lower percentage of protein / 100g but is a raw, natural source of omega 3 oils, fibre and contains all essential amino acids – essential for fat loss.

All of the protein powders can be prepared into a shake the night before or in the morning to be consumed throughout the day. There will be some natural separation but once mixed it will be ready to consume. Preparing the protein in advance will not affect the nutritional content. Laura recommends a heaped desert spoon serving, mixed with reduced sugar almond milk to make a delicious and nutritious shake, which can be used as a meal replacement or as a snack in-between meals to add additional protein to diet and recovery after exercise.

Pulsin’ also do a range of high protein tasty snacks too. The Maple and Peanut Protein / Protein Sport bars are ideal for recovery. The Maple and Peanut protein bar is suitable for Vegans and contains no dairy – ideal for people who are lactose intolerant.  The Protein Sport bar contains Whey Protein crispies, packing in 15g of protein.  The Vanilla Choc Chip, combines almonds, Rice protein, chocolate chips with xylitol and vanilla extract. It is free from gluten, dairy, soya, egg and wheat and provides 12g of protein. “These are great for when I want a high protein snack on the go. Even though the bars are quite nutritionally dense (around 200 cals a bar), they do actually keep me full compared to other snack bars on the market – where I tend to eat 4 or 5 in one go! The superfood ingredients also make me feel good on the inside too. Snacking with a healthy conscience!”

Protein supplementation can be pricey so which is the best one and value for money? “I look it as an investment into my health.”

Pulsin’ offer natural protein powders at an affordable price and do not compromise on quality. Now where’s that shaker?!

The Pulsin’ products can be found in many health food shops across the country including Planet Organic, Wholefoods Market and Revital health stores. Pulsin’ have an on-line webstore offering customers 10% off RRP and quick delivery plus there are many on-line stockists including Amazon retailing our products.

Many thanks to Laura for chatting to us about how to use protein and for providing all of the rather handy information packed into this article! We hope it’s cleared a few things up…

Katherine Sparshatt