The Hot List


For anyone who loves coffee, Kopi is definitely a brand they should pay attention to. After becoming disappointed with the one size fits all coffee options they found in the supermarket,  they came up with a brilliant idea. This great brand not only finds you some of the world’s best coffee with the highest quality but it also delivers it straight to your door every month. The company helps its customers experience the best of the coffee world all sat in the comfort of their very own home. This is an ideal gift for a friend or even yourself.


Abury Collection

This company may make and sell beautiful clutches, accessories and boots using the skills of people living in developing regions, but they also truly go out of their way to help these communities. Abury encourages these communities to really understand and believe in the richness of their cultures and the true talents that they possess,  whilst giving their traditions an important modern role in society. For a bag you can truly be proud of look to Abury Collection.


Nudie Jeans

It’s a pretty rare thing to find someone who doesn’t own a pair of jeans and for most of us we wear our jeans like a second skin. Nudie Jeans not only understands this but when they created their jeans they aimed to make products which are both environmentally and socially responsible. With a huge range of products as well as a great website, Nudie Jeans are definitely worth a peek.



Quarterre is the brain child of four amazing designers and bikers who, in 2010, got together and began this innovative brand. With a combination of both eye-catching modern design and simple functionality Quarterre makes bike stands which are great for homes and offices. These bike stands address the combined issues of owning a bike in the city and make keeping the planet healthy a lot easier!


Eloise Varma