The Debate | Sober October

We’re two weeks into sober October and it seems those taking part are largely spilt into two groups, there are those out there loving the effects this alcohol detox is having on them and then there are those counting down the days till they get their hands on an ice cold glass of Hennessy. There are some undeniable benefits to cutting down on alcohol, from better health to better finances it’s something many people might be considering.

For those out there thinking of extending their alcohol free month there are a few obvious concerns they’re probably having, the most obvious being what to drink instead? Anyone trying to stay off alcohol can open their world up to a huge range of amazing soft drinks such as the great products sold at Firefly Natural Drinks. This brand sells fantastic non-alcoholic drinks which are natural and delicious, from peach and green tea to pomegranate and elderflower.

However that’s not the only problem; there is an undeniable social aspect to alcohol, who of us can resist a cheeky one when everyone around us is indulging? But if you head down to the Rosendale pub in West Dulwich there is such a delicious range of alcohol free drinks you won’t find it quite so hard to stay away from the strong stuff. They have everything from teas and coffees to juice and fizzy drinks giving you a great night without messing up your social life.

Of course there is nothing wrong with those who are looking forward to drinking in November, in moderation, and probably looking for something wonderful to drink. For those planning to stay home for their first drink should definitely try a bottle from Chateau Cheval Blanc, with a gorgeous collection of wines not to mention being an incredibly ethically minded brand they are very hard to resist.

For the people looking to go out and celebrate on the other hand there are plenty of brilliant bars and restaurants to head to. The Drift in London, which is the fifth Drake and Morgan bar, is an excellent bar with an even better cocktail menu. The Drift makes classics such as Mojitos and daiquiris, sharing cocktails which serve four or more people, they have a fairytale cocktail range including princess in the tower and sugar plum fairy but what they are probably best known for is their skinny cocktails. Just as delicious as regular cocktails but without the calories skinny cocktails are as low as 80 calories a glass.

Whether your itching for your next drink or looking forward to extending you sobriety there are countless remarkable brands and bars to choose from all of which sell tasty and ethical products making the hardest part of staying sober or having your first drink simply deciding what to have.

the rosendale

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