Top Ten | Hand Crafted

What is it that we love so much about hand crafted products? Could it be the idea of a genuine, from-nature-to-consumer product, that takes time and effort to craft? Is it the allure of the unique, the irreplaceable, something that’s yours only? Or is it the idea of provenance, a fascinating piece of history behind that dress, or bag, or candle, a true labour of love? We say it’s all three…and more. This week, we showcase the best of handmade craftsmanship.

1. All Taunina collectable soft toys are hand crafted by artisans in disadvantaged communities around the world. Based in Cape Town, Taunina offers gifted artists the chance to make their lives better by using their cultural heritage and creative talents. The Calvin bear will become a beloved toy for generations – his embroidery and patterns make him unique.

2. This elegant brass bracelet embellished with semiprecious stones is handmade by Mexican artisans, giving it a touch all its own: no two pieces from the collection are identical. We say, wear it with a pair of skinny jeans and a smart blazer.


3. A refined accessory with a heart: this ring is made with 100% Faitrade certified gold from a small alluvial cooperative gold mine in Argentina. The diamond is ethically sourced and the ring is designed and handcrafted in London.

4. WOO candles are made by hand using pure beeswax poured into recycled beer and vodka bottes. With sophisticated fragrances from a top European perfume house, this particular candle fills the air with a revitalising scent of eucalyptus, lime and lemongrass.


5. Exquisite design meets precision engineering. This Portofino watch from IWC features a hand-wound movement and will run reliably for a full 192 hours. An accessory that’s both luxurious and rich in performance.

6. This fuchsia fedora is both stylish and kind: made by hand from Toquilla straw in Ecuador, where the straw plant grows. An eye-catching accessory that won’t go unnoticed.



7.  A quirky keepsake with a story – plus, you can carry your iPad in it! This sheepskin bag is hand-stiched, like every Abury piece, lending it a quirky touch with a hit of colour.

8. Meet Misty: a stunning evening bag with a heart. All Bottletop bags are crafted by hand using recycled metals and Misty is hand painted using an enamel technique created in the Bottletop atelier in Brazil. Using a combination of paints, the craftsmen have made Misty’s finish both soft and bouncily glossy.


9. All Vivien Sheriff hats and headpieces are handmade in the UK using natural materials of high qualities. The Grace Kelly is a show-stopping accessory that ensure you never go unnoticed. A large silk bow atop a veil base, it creates drama with its peacock-feather accessories.

10. A seasonal delight: this hand-painted dark chocolate Christmas tree is as beautiful as it’s delicious. Featuring hand-painted white chocolate colour figurines, it will be a gorgeous centerpiece on the holiday dessert table.

Katherine Sparshatt