Top Ten | January Detoxes

With another indulgent Christmas over and the New Year in full swing, this January is naturally ‘detox time’. With many of us back behind the office desk this week, here at Positive Luxury we have put together a showcase of detoxifying products. From healthy drinks, food and vitamins, to useful cookbooks and nourishing hair oil, give your body some TLC to boost those immune systems and beat your post-Christmas blues.

1. Look and feel refreshed with Planet Organic‘s 10 day lemon detox and recovery pack. The pack includes the well-known madal bal syrup, apibal bee pollen and a handy lemon detox diet book. Planet Organic offer products which are all fresh, organic and sustainable.

 2. Take some time out to relax with Neal’s Yard Remedies detox toning oil to tone and detoxify the body. Apply the product daily to help remove toxins from the fatty tissues of the body. Ethically produced in Dorset, this detox oil contains vital oils used for lymphatic drainage.


3. Aveda’s new leave-in moisturising oil contains Buriti oil leaving your hair soft and shiny, through moisturising dry ends. Apply 2-4 drops to your hands and work through either damp or dry hair, from mid-length to the ends.

4. These energy boosting vitamins from Inner Me help to balance hectic lifestyles. The tablets are combined with a blend of vitamins and minerals which support and maintain energy, metabolism and general good health.

 5. For a daily detox, take 3-6 tablespoons per day. This juice is made from the highest quality organic Aloe grown in immaculate environments and harvested in peak condition. Pukka chooses only organically certified produce and omits any unnatural or petrochemical.

6. This energising cookbook and lifestyle guide is based on the innovative new alkaline diet. The book is full of recipes for different times of the day, put together by organic gourmet vegetarian cook Natasha Corrett and leading nutritional therapist Vicki Edgson.

7. Start your day with a tasty combination of fruit juice, vitamins and minerals with Alibi’s sparkling pomegranate pretox drink. For every can bought, the same amount of drinking water is contributed  to impoverished communities around the world, through the water charity Drop4drop.

8. Our daily intake of tea, coffee alcohol and processed foods leads to increased acidity in our body. The richness of chlorophyll in the powder helps to balance and alkalize our bodies and remove toxins. All Organic Bursts’ products are 100% natural and are sourced only from organic farms and plantations.

9.  From the mountains of the northern Fujian Province, China, this delicate speciality green tea will help with your January detox and keep you warm in the cold weather. The hand-rolled pearls are also infused with fresh jasmine blossoms.

10. With the help of Feng Sushi you can get your January Detox off to a kick start! There is a choice of 4 different diets to purchase; the Vegetarian diet, the Protein Fix, the Feng diet and the 5:2 diet which will then be delivered twice daily to your home or work for the duration of your diet.

Nayha Tandon

Nayha is an NCTJ accredited journalist with a degree in BA Anthropology from The University of Sussex. A fashion, beauty and lifestyle writer, you can see her weekly blog, 'Behind The Lens' here.