Bumpkin launch new menu with The Flexi Foodie

For those of you on a health kick but are unwilling to give up on taste and enjoyment, you’ll be pleased to find out (as we were!) that Brand to Trust Bumpkin is now serving a healthy new menu created by yogini, health coach and all round wellness warrior Julie Montagu.

The Flexi Foodie, as she is known on her blog, has created a range of delicious cold pressed juices, soups and warm winter salads that are designed to make you look and feel good.

Made from fresh raw fruit and vegetables, including superfoods like blueberries, kale, goji berries, beetroot and even bee pollen (which contains 22 amino acids), Julie’s recipes will boost your energy levels, increase stamina, improve focus, detoxify your body and help ward off illness and disease.

Fiercely passionate about health, yoga and plant-based diets, Julie believes that just by making small changes to our diet and attitude towards food, we can produce long lasting and positive changes to our overall lives.

As expected of Bumpkin, all the food is fresh and locally sourced ensuring that the quality and flavour is of the highest degree. We’ll see you there!

Bumpkin and Flexi Foodie

Imogen Rayfield