The Life and Soul of APOCCAS

We’re excited to announce that Brand to Trust APOCCAS has been featured in Life & Soul Magazine. Awarded with the Butterfly Mark in 2013, APOCCAS, is a brand that is propelling the notion that ethical fashion is the height of luxury.

APOCCAS, which creates hand woven scarves, wraps and throws incorporates gorgeous hues, semi-precious gemstones and mantras hand-woven onto organically dyed fabrics. The pieces are woven by master weavers in eleven different villages in northern Thailand. Each piece is hand-loomed using locally farmed silk and hand-spun cotton yarns, and more recently – bamboo threads. Each dye used is botanical to ensure a pure ethical product.

Within each collection of APOCCAS scarves, three ancient principles are employed: the energy of the stone, the law of attraction to colour and the power of the word. Ingraining these values into the product is an attempt to promote wellbeing for the ‘body, mind and soul’ as founder Alexandra Du Sold describes to Life & Soul.


As described in Life & Soul, a real point of difference of the brand is its influence on those producing the pieces. Traditional weaving was once a skill that was passed down through generations in Thailand and APOCCAS hopes to revive that tradition. Similarly, the brand very much focuses on fostering and enabling freedom. As a result, APOCCAS weavers are not employed by the brand, they are independent workers and the brand as no intention of straying from that business model. 

“We believe in empowering rural communities, striving for economic independence for all by working directly with organic silk farmers and cotton growers, expert spinners, traditional dyers and artisan weavers in rural Thailand,” Du Sold explains.  

The ability to make ethical fashion luxurious is something that sets APOCCAS apart from other fair trade fashion companies and it opens up a wealth of possibilities company growth and product development.

Read the entire article in Life & Soul here.

Alexandra Picard