Generating Positive Change

Here at Positive Luxury we think it’s really important that we as consumers are encouraging towards brands to make a positive change rather than berating them for any past misdemeanors. Every one of the brands on our platform are on a journey to become more socially and economically sustainable and all of their sustainability milestones along the way can be found on any one of their brand profile pages. This is also something that we as consumers have the power to influence; through social media we can have a voice and  through buying from Brands to Trust we can reward brands that are on that journey. A great example of this is Greenpeace’s latest detox campaign.

The Detox campaign is turning up the social pressure on brands such as Zara, Levi’s and even Disney to clean up their supply chain and no longer use “little monsters” (aka hazardous chemicals) in the production of their clothing, demanding toxic free fashion and clean water. So far the campaign has seen veritable success with protesters dressing up outside flagship stores and Greenpeace encouraging fans of the brands to use social media to turn up the pressure on the named brands to detox. Over 18 brands have since taken the pledge and have promised to clean up their supply chain by 2020, which shows the power of positive support in generating positive change.

Katherine Sparshatt