Soko Launches Exclusive Shine Bracelet Collection

Soko, the jewellery brand working to connect online consumers with hand crafted jewellery from the developing world, has partnered with the Africa Yoga Project  for their exclusive Shine Bracelet collection. The brightly coloured bracelets have been made by local communities in Kenya using locally and responsibly sourced materials. Each bracelet is crafted using braided tubes of traditional kilkoy from Kenya and finished with gold-plated, brass end caps.


The collection has been produced in association with the Africa Yoga Project a non-profit based in Kenya that educates, empowers, elevates and employs youth using the transformational power of yoga. The organisation gives free teacher trainings that develop confidence and leadership skills in young people, the project has 98 Kenyan yoga teachers in employment  giving free yoga sessions to over 6000 people a week through its 300 different outreach classes.

Look good and do good by purchasing one of the new shine collection bracelets here.

Katherine Sparshatt