Beulah is Enlightening Lives and Empowering Women

Launched in 2011 by Natasha Rufus Isaacs and fashion designer Lavinia Brennan, Beulah London is an ethical clothes label which provides a sustainable livelihood to the victims of human sex trafficking in India.

An historical family connection to the country prompted Natasha to visit India with Lavinia in 2009 to work in an aftercare home in the Delhi slums. Experiencing the terrible effects of human trafficking and the sex trade first hand drove the friend’s shared passion for positive social change and Beulah was born.

Beulah London

Photo: Katrina Lawson Johnston

The label’s designs are based on effortless elegance and through a project called ‘Freeset’, based in Kolkata, each garment purchased directly from Beulah comes with a canvas bag made by women who have been personally affected by trafficking.

With a brand name that means to come out of darkness and into freedom and light, Beulah’s AW14 collection is born from the theme of ‘Enlightenment’ and is a reflection of the label’s charitable ethos to empower women through employment.

Symbolic of this theme, the collection is based around two prints, “dove” and “bright lights”. The vision to inspire women is incorporated in the words “hope” and “love” which are written on one of the exclusive prints.

Beulah London

Photo: Katrina Lawson Johnston

A reference to the fanned wings of doves can be seen in the detailed pleats and silhouette of the dresses which also take inspiration from stairwells which symbolise coming into a place of light.

Influenced by Parisian fashion of the late 50s and the romantic style of designers such as Christian Dior, the collection’s colour palette is monochrome with subtle hints of plum, fiery red, evergreen and blush.

Along with the charitable Beulah Trust this ethical clothing label strongly believes in the ‘butterfly effect’ and that a small change in one place can have a large effect elsewhere leading to a new life of hope and restoration.

To find out more about Beulah London’s positive cations, visit their brand profile page here

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