Key of Aurora Awarded with the Butterfly Mark

The latest brand to be awarded with the Butterfly Mark is Swiss curator of positive brands Key of Aurora.

Key of Aurora is careful to work with only the most exquisite brands, caring as much about the sustainability and innovation of the brand as for the quality and craftsmanship behind each unique piece. In a world of mass consumption and products that are being produced with little thought for the negative social and environmental impact, Key of Aurora provides a solution to the problem by bringing together sustainable, conscious and fair products.


“We are thrilled to be awarded with the Butterfly Mark and to belong to the Positive Luxury community of brands working to better their social and environmental impact.” Nadine Benedick, Founder of Key of Aurora.

“Our multi-label online store is intended as a positive shopping platform, far away from the valueless fast-fashion consumerism that many people have come to question in recent years. Instead, every item that we sell is a unique and special piece, with meaning and value that fits perfectly our statement of ‘conscious, creative, disruptive.”

Not only does Key of Aurora sell the products of their carefully selected artisans, innovators and social entrepreneurs but they also tell their stories, adding an element of transparency so that any product you buy can be purchased in full knowledge of where it has come from, the makers behind the product and the traditional techniques used to put it together. This adds a sense of pride and value to every product that has a human story behind it.

“We are delighted to award the Butterfly Mark to Key of Aurora for their outstanding positive impact and look forward to seeing the brands on their site flourish. Craftsmanship, longevity and quality is are the true meaning of luxury.” Diana Verde Nieto, CEO Positive Luxury.

View Key of Aurora’s brand profile page here

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