Here’s Why You Should Be Supporting Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

With more than 7,000 women diagnosed with ovarian cancer in the UK every year, and with just 2,700 women winning the battle every year, there is no better time to support the charity’s latest awareness campaign, #GlamforOCAM. 

March is specifically Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, and Target Ovarian Cancer are asking men and women, individuals and whole offices to get involved. Whether you’re off for a glam night out, wearing a ballgown while you photocopy or doing the housework in your heels, help raise awareness by Tweeting or Instagramming a picture with the hashtag #GlamforOCAM. 


Target Ovarian Cancer is the national ovarian cancer charity working on saving the lives of the women diagnosed with the disease each year. Funds raised by Target Ovarian Cancer benefit all areas of the charity’s work from improving early diagnosis and finding new treatments to providing much needed support for women affected by the illness.

Late diagnosis is a major contributor to the UK’s low survival rates with a third of women being diagnosed in A&E. This has to change and Target Ovarian Cancer is asking for help to raise awareness and spread a positive message to change the trend. Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer include a bloated tummy, the need to wee more, tummy pain and always feeling full should be taken notice of if occurring more than 12 times a month and are abnormal to an individual.

One brand supporting the cause is skincare brand Seascape who will be helping in the fight against ovarian cancer throughout 2015.

With a strong belief in health and wellbeing Seascape’s first partnership activity in support of Target Ovarian Cancer starts with Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month where 5% of all sales from their Soothe range will be donated to the charity’s work.

Seascape will also be supporting the “50s Challenge”, another charity incentive to tell 50 people about the symptoms of ovarian cancer and to raise at least £50 for Target Ovarian Cancer. A donation of as little as £5 would provide a comprehensive guide to ovarian cancer to three newly diagnosed women and a generous donation of £50 would enable 100 GP’s to update their knowledge of ovarian cancer and best practice for early diagnosis.

Any amount donated will help this crucial battle and with brands like Seascape rallying the troops and committing to shouting the message out loud early diagnosis and improved treatment could be closer than we think.

Emma Williams

Emma is a freelance journalist who wears a number of hats depending on the time of day. She is a mum of two, a writer, a children’s author and a bookworm. You can find her blogging about life at Emma's View.