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London College of Fashion students at work for H&M's Fashion Recycling Week

London College of Fashion students at work for H&M’s Fashion Recycling Week


Introducing: Fashion Recycling Week

H&M has teamed up with London College of Fashion’s Centre for Sustainable Fashion to launch the first nationwide Fashion Recycling Week.

5 Luxury Brands Setting The Mobile Commerce Trends

In the fashion world, it’s often luxury designers that set the trends, so it’s no surprise that luxury brands and retailers are leading the mobile marketing way, creating unique digital experiences.




How the Internet of Things Will Boost Sustainability

The IoT isn’t just about technology. It’s about what technology can do for consumers and businesses.

Italy’s luxury firms set their sights on China

Two of Italy’s leading consumer brands have sets their sights on China after revealing strong first-half figures for 2015.

Retailers should embrace genderless fashion

Moving toward a less gendered retail experience could be a “business opportunity for retailers who create a comfort zone for people who don’t want to subscribe to one category.”


Burberry’s techno beauty department


Burberry offers digital experience for beauty shoppers

Located at Times Square, the new store focuses on a digital experience for shoppers: from a digital Lip & Nail bar to a large screen displaying videos and allowing customers to virtually create their own monogrammed bottles.

Global HIV treatment goal reached ahead of schedule

The goal to get HIV treatment to 15 million people by the end of 2015 has already been met, says the UN

Good supply chain management isn’t just about profits

Green MEP Molly Scott Cato says businesses should consider the ethical as well as financial reasons for creating a sustainable supply chain.

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