My Positive Life: Lisa Franklin

Respected London-based skincare specialist Lisa Franklin is the driving force behind Positive Luxury’s latest brand to trust. 

Scientific research combined with impeccably sourced sustainable ingredients lies at the heart of Lisa’s brand ethos. 

At Lisa Franklin, sustainability means cutting down on unnecessary processes by considering skincare holistically, for the health of the environment and the community.

We sat down with Lisa to talk positivity, skincare, and the importance of being yourself. 

Lisa Franklin

What steps do you take everyday to make your life more positive?
I live in the moment, and accept that sometimes things go to plan and other times they do not.
Be positive, love life and life will love you back.

Lisa Franklin

Where does your love for skincare originate?
My mother. She educated me from a young age about the benefits of a good skincare regime.

What is your vision for the next five years of Lisa Franklin?
To produce more cutting edge products, and educate the benefits of why makeup should be integral to everyday skincare.

Lisa Franklin

When you’ve had a bad day, how do you make things better?
Remind myself that I have a choice and can change anything into a positive.

What is the most challenging part of your job?
Always giving 100% to my clients with the love they deserve. Whether the first or last client of the day, their experience is so important to me, both in terms of service and skincare results.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given and who gave it to you?
Always be yourself and have no expectations. My wonderful father.

Describe your life in three words:
Love Light Energy.

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Josie Tutty

Digital Content and Social Media Manager, Positive Luxury