Denise Elphick’s Fitness Journey: Week Three

Denise Elphick's Fitness Journey

I’m really getting into the swing of things now. Thrilled with my weight loss of two kilos, I decide to up the ante on the exercise front. After finding the initial personal training sessions exhausting and very difficult, I now look forward to them. I’ve even started adding gym sessions in at my own gym at the Hurlingham Club, so in total I’m exercising five times a week.

I decide I need to look the part and invest in a pair of shockingly bright pink Nike Pegasus running shoes that personal trainer Emma has recommended.
They seriously are like walking on air and I vow to build myself up to walking to work one day – my office in East London is eight miles away from home in Fulham.

I’m now boring everyone to death with my healthy eating routine. I quite often treat myself to breakfast at Grace and have become seriously obsessed with the quinoa bread they serve alongside delicious scrambled eggs and smoked salmon – with of course a portion of spinach on the side (I remember to always include veg or fruit at every meal.)

Denise Elphick's Fitness Journey

It turns out that the quinoa bread is Jade’s recipe. She sends me the recipe and I will definitely be making this at home. It is so delicious – especially toasted – and super healthy. At Grace they also serve homemade almond milk with coffee, which tastes so much better than the commercial varieties. I must try this at home too.

I am also varying my exercise routine by including yoga and pilates into the equation. I have never tried pilates on a reformer machine before but it is super effective.

On Saturday morning I have a sports massage with Ben Baker. Apparently with my new commitment to exercise it’s a really good idea to give the tired muscles a work out and is great for destressing.

Ben says my shoulders and back are very tight, and although the massage is quite rigorous I definitely feel a lot more relaxed and in tune with my body. Will definitely book another session in a couple of weeks.

Denise Elphick's Fitness Journey

I end the week with a game of tennis at the Hurlingham Club and notice I am actually moving around the court more and going for the ball rather than waiting for it to come to me. Retire to the bar after the game for a lime soda rather than a glass of rose and feel very virtuous.

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