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Our weekly round-up of stories from around the globe. This week: LVMH develop e-commerce, why elitism is out of fashion, sustainable watchmakers and the digital Asia effect.


Luxury Web Battle Looms as LVMH, Hugo Boss Develop E-Commerce

As department stores and publishers join the ranks of those offering luxury goods online, they’re running into a new breed of competitor: makers of the designer clothing, handbags and accessories they sell.

Your next item of clothing should be so expensive it hurts

If you’ve ever found yourself buying clothes just because they’re cheap, or if shopping itself has become a form of entertainment for you, Giada Fiorindi has got a proposal: the next time you buy something, spend a whole lot on it.


Is watchmaking truly sustainable?

Olivier Müller considers the truths behind sustainability claims in the watchmaking industry.

Why elitism has gone out of fashion for luxury brands

Andy Booth explores the fashion world’s changing ways as the industry looks to connect with a broader audience and shake off its aloof image.

The Digital Asia Effect

The worlds of fashion and entertainment are getting even more tangled as a new gang of digitally-enabled front row fixtures from Korea, Japan and China redefine cool and how it is sold to a global audience.


England’s shoppers say goodbye to free plastic bags

English shoppers face a 5p charge for plastic carrier bags from today as part of a government scheme to reduce litter and protect wildlife.

Burberry launches Apple Music channel

Burberry is keen to be seen as a lifestyle brand, and has tapped into the music industry before. It launched its own “Burberry Acoustic” platform in 2010, streaming music via its website and its YouTube channel.
“I am excited about our partnership with Apple (AAPL, Tech30) on this amazing platform, which will enable us to take what we do now with Burberry Acoustic and share it with an even bigger audience,” said Burberry CEO Christopher Bailey.


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