My Positive Life:
Nezha Alaoui

Based in Paris but a Moroccan citizen, Nezha Alaoui is an entrepreneur, artist, designer, mother and humanitarian. Her brand, Mayshad Paris (Mayshad is the first two syllables of her children’s names) is an international lifestyle brand with a strong message – for women to exercise their own will to love life, freely and happily.

Nezha, who has a successful career in photography behind her (with exhibits in several countries), takes inspiration from New York and the desert, which shows in her recent line of handbags that have the vibrancy of the city but the purity and simplicity of nature.

We talk to Nezha to find out how Mayshad Paris came about and the steps she takes to make her life more positive.


Tell us a little about the origins of Mayshad Paris.

Mayshad Concept, is an international lifestyle brand based on a positive philosophy to create luxury along with an empowering message for women, to be who they want to be, and seek success as an attitude that they naturally spread around.

When we decided to launch a luxury handbag brand, we wanted to offer to the Mayshad Woman a fashion statement that carries the Mayshad philosophy of high quality and timeless designs; hence, it was clear to me that I would seek the best workshops in order to produce my collection in the standards of my luxurious, high-end expectations.

Paris’s affluence in the luxury market and especially the existence of handmade workshops makes it inevitably the best place to establish my brand and position my handbags along with other prestigious brands.

Who is the greatest influence in your life?

I have always had a lot of respect and admiration for people who have lead their professional life boldly and inspired others to be innovative and courageous to take the risk to enter a path that has not been taken before.

Leaders in general inspire me with their attitude, but if we refer to the greatest designers, Coco Chanel was definitely my favorite character.

One word that describes you?


What is your most prized possession?

My sense of responsibility towards my daughters and my team.


What’s the best lesson you’ve been taught?

To not judge others but to constantly observe ourselves and stay away from what dilutes our energy, whether it is a person or a situation.

What steps do you take to make your life more positive?

I make choices and take steps daily in my lifestyle. It would be too long to describe, but I express it on my blogBut I can say, that it all starts with our way of thinking.

Can you give some advice for achieving a positive work/life balance?

The secret is to work on a project or field that you are passionate about. Then work becomes part of your life and empowers us to have a successful attitude and a positive lifestyle.

Describe Mayshad Paris in three words.

Exclusivity, empowerment, elegance.


Josie Tutty

Digital Content and Social Media Manager, Positive Luxury