Karen Cummings-Palmer: The Ultimate Luxury

Karen Cummings-Palmer is a health and nutrition consultant and a wellness advocate. Whether the goal is to wipe ten years from the face or ten pounds from the scales, Karen’s sage advice will get you there.


Wellness is the ultimate luxury. It must be nurtured, cherished and protected but it should also be worn on hearts and sleeves like the jewels of a woman who treats each day as if it might be her last. Possibility is precious, investment becomes currency.

Wellness is the only vehicle we will ever truly need and if fuelled and fired will take us on through the highways and alleys of this magical, mystical, journey of our humanity.

It is what makes the cashmere sweater so soft and diamonds sparkle so brightly, it is what makes the delicious effervescence of champagne so special and bespoke tailoring feel so extraordinary.

It is life’s energy and endeavour’s catalyst.

Sometimes it shows up in a context that we most easily recognize as luxe – a massage in a beautiful spa – a walk on white sands unpunctuated by the vibration of technology.


But true wellness is fermented in the ordinary pursuits of everyday life. It is in the choices we make at every meal, with every movement and every breath.

Wellness is our most valuable commodity with the power to render almost worthless the value of all others with a single dose of disease.

And when we are well, really well – when we feel so strong and sure that our stomachs are as calm as our minds, when our choice of comfort food is nourishment that supports not depletes us and our skin glows in glorious celebration then everything is better and we are filled with a sense of pure unadulterated abundant luxury.

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Karen Cummings-Palmer