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We speak with the incredibly captivating superstar, Anastacia, about life on the road, the challenges she’s overcome and what makes her the inspiring and uplifting character we all know and love.  


We are very excited to see you back on tour. Tell us about it; where you are now and where we can we see you? Tell us about the app

Yes, touring my ‘Ultimate Collection’ album is truly exciting. Such fun being out there sharing my songs that fans have grown up with, but also sharing them with new audiences that have discovered me along the way. I’m singing these songs in new ways, arrangements that they haven’t been heard before, so its a mixture of reminiscing while adding something new. We have lots of audience participation – if I say so myself…  its a really fun show! You can see me all through the summer in Europe, here are all the dates…and yes the app! Well… I’m SO untechnical its a joke, so I’ve had to learn a lot in how it functions.. which to most people is like ‘doh!’  Its fun, we share some exclusive behind the scenes activity, we give audiences the chance to vote throughout the night for a song and I’ll then perform the one with the most votes, we sell merch on it and lots more. Check it out and see! We are constantly thinking of new innovative ways we can have further direct engagement with the fans so it will develop as we go.  I also have my Anastacia by BluMarine glasses line that I’m just launching with has been really exciting… It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years, as everyone knows how much I love a pair of glasses! So now I have my own range coming out.. whoop whoop! 

Do you have a new album coming out?

I will be working on a new album soon, yes. That will be my next exciting venture.  I have about 70 shows to get through first so far so definitely busy at the minute, but always thinking of ideas for new songs for the next album. All these experiences help add to what I have to write about! So yes, new album will definitely be in the near future! 

Your lyrics always seem very personal and easy to relate to. Is honesty and integrity very important to you?

Totally. It’s an incredibly important part of the process for me. My songs, my music is about truth. I like to tell a story or send a message and have subject matters that the fans / the public can relate to and find guidance from. My songs are probably the most honest way I can express myself. 

What is the biggest challenge you have faced in your career?

The biggest challenge I’ve faced in my career has probably been trying to power through my personal low’s while trying to stay on top of the game in the limelight. I’ve been sick, had breast cancer twice ten years apart, underwent a double mastectomy, I suffer from Crohn’s and those to be honest have been huge challenges when all you want to do is be out there, creating music, promoting your work and touring. I live for what I do so when I have a set back I find it hard. These challenges however have added depth and meaning to my music, to the songs I’ve written and to the journey I share with my fans so although they are hard at the time, they’ve certainly made me stronger and I now see those challenges as a blessing. 

You established The Anastacia Fund, through The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, tell us more about the mission of this fund

Estee Lauder was the founder of the charity BCRF and I wanted to get involved and find a channel that the public felt supported and comforted by. We all put off spending money on things we don’t want to and I wanted to speak out to encourage women to pay for a scan and get themselves checked, before buying that new bag or pair of shoes (which we know is way more appealing!). Estee Lauder is a role model to women all over the world, and that felt like a great home for The Anastacia Fund.

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Tell us about your family?

My family are my everything. I try to keep them out of the limelight as my fame is my choice not theirs, so I don’t like to talk too much about them when they can’t defend themsleves! HA! But no.. they are the best. Shawn my sister is like the left side of brain, she comes on the road with me and helps me function! I do the singing and the performing and she does pretty much everything else! haha My mum and brother come out to visit me on tour when they can too.. and ‘Mama-Stacia’ has been known to belt out a tune or 2 on stage with me! She’s a hoot! 

Where do you live and why?

I spend a lot of time on the road, so I often call the many hotels I stay at my ‘hometel’. I live with heart, so home is where the heart is…every and anywhere.

Tell us about a time when you felt most inspired

I think thats been a mixture of times. Sometimes like I said above, its been through my life challenges or experiences… other times its been through people I’ve worked with, done duets with etc. Working with people I’ve always looked up to and put on a pedestal (Pavarotti, Elton John etc)  

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

I never really noticed what I sounded like or what I looked like and in an image conscious world it was hard for record label to take a risk on ‘outta the Box’ artist. Michael Jackson said to me, “Anastacia is someone the world will understand” In the moment I never knew what he meant, but now, almost 20 years later, I understand. He couldn’t have been more right.

*Images by Barbara Webber

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