The Hub: 3 years after Rana Plaza, has anything changed?



Three years after Rana Plaza, has anything changed?

“Since the worst disaster in the history of the garment industry, collaboration on safety has improved, but worker welfare lags behind. Business of Fashion spoke the experts to gauge the progress made, including Diana Verde Nieto of Positive Luxury, Catarina Midby of H&M, Amy Hall of Eileen Fisher and others.”

Business of Fashion


Baselworld 2016 & the future of watch-making: what trends are rocking the industry

“Positive Luxury representatives recently attended Baselworld 2016 – and gave us an insiders take on their observations and trends that have emerged. With exports having fallen by 8% in January in the Swiss watch market, the industry faced challenges which led to Baselworld 2016 being the subject of a new era of solutions and positive trends.”

Positive Luxury


What’s really the difference between natural and organic beauty products?

“More and more people are learning that their cosmetics and skincare may be full of hormone-disrupting, skin-irritating, health-ruining chemicals, many of which have been linked to cancer. From formaldehyde and phthalates to BHA, BHT, parabens and other conservatives, cosmetic ingredients can be anything but pretty.”

Eluxe Magazine


The future of fashion is 3D-printing clothes at home

“The days when we will be printing high-fashion dresses in our homes are coming, and quickly. Couture clothes, are items made for you that fit your body. Usually that means the garments are expensive, rare, and difficult to obtain. But with 3D printing, this extravagance will move into any home that has a printer.”



Instagram’s Eva Chen: ‘It’s not a numbers game’

“On March 15th, Instagram announced that it would soon replace chronologically ordered posts with an algorithmic feed. So how can brands get ahead on Instagram? BoF spoke to Eva Chen to identify five principles for building a powerful presence on Instagram.”

Business of Fashion

Izy Dixon