Positive Luxury meets…
Sarah Parham

Sarah Parham, owner and designer of brand to trust SVP Jewellery, knows that the people who really make a difference are those that believe they can….and she believes! Here she tells us more about the future of the innovative, luxury jewellery brand, the importance of the artisans they work with and how this is reflected in her own life. 

Photography by Brighton and London photographer Emma Gutteridge

What are you working on at the moment? 

We have just re-positioned SVP as a ring only brand, concentrating purely on our adjustable rings. Customers and retailers love them. We encourage people to wear, band and stack in different ways to match their mood and outfit. Rings have never been so versatile, we are looking at extending ranges and developing new collections for 2017.

What prompted you to set up on your own?

I have always been entrepreneurial and have designed and imported gloves, crafted jewellery out of vintage chandeliers, but it was a chance meeting in India that led me to design my first ring. Their workshop was just like an adults sweet shop – full of 1000s of gemstones, all glistening away. From that moment, I was hooked.

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What’s your vision as you take the brand forward?

Because I had a connection with an amazing family in Jaipur I knew I wanted to create a meaningful brand. Sustainability and commerciality are key to us. If we aren’t commercial, we can’t continue to do good and make positive change. I love solving problems and our adjustable rings do just that. Retailers love them as they don’t have to buy the same ring in different sizes, and customers love them because they’re so versatile and they know the ring they fall in love with will fit them. They have also proved popular for the gifting market too. We have just been shortlisted for New Jewellery Designer of the Year by IJL (International Jewellery London). Moving forward we will be streamlining our collections and adding to them based on feedback and sales, we are also developing exciting new collections for next year. 

Why did you choose to work with artisans from a workshop located in India? 

It was purely by chance that this happened. My husband was working in Mumbai and I met a girl he was working with. It is her family business that we work with now. 

How can consumers be assured they are buying from a jewellery brand they can trust? 

The Positive Luxury Butterfly Mark is so important to us, we are happy to share pictures of our goldsmiths and workers, and answer any questions as honestly and transparently as we can. I have travelled to Jaipur extensively, I give no warning when visiting so we can see exactly what they are doing in their businesses. We have spent time talking and researching the gem dealers in the city and have been working with the UK India Council too. We have developed an honest, open relationship over the years. I believe business face to face is always best. 


What is the biggest challenge you have had to face in your job? 

I face challenges every single day, and it constantly changes. We are growing and that with it brings its own set of challenges, prioritizing what is really important and what will make the biggest difference to our brand is key.

Which celebrity would you most like to wear your rings?

Kate Moss, Alexa Chung, Lauren Levine, Emma Watson, Lily Cole, Amal Clooney, Kate Middleton and Adele…it’s quite a long list!

Describe SVP Jewellery in three words:

Change is Beautiful!  

To find our more about SVP and why they have been awarded the Butterfly Mark, visit their brand page

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