My Positive Life…
Katie Fuller

Katie Fuller is the founder of brand to trust Palomino Jewellery, a jewellery brand focused connecting to the natural world with each piece having a story. We talk to Katie about the brand, starting out on her own and the steps she takes to a positive life. 

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What are you working on at the moment?

I am in the design phase of an elaborate choker with Victorian influence. It is a goal to learn how to etch into leather so I can create a lace effect on the surface of this piece.

What prompted you to start your own jewellery line?

I love the power of jewelry to totally change the look of an outfit. There is also a romanticism behind the story a unique piece of jewelry can tell. 

What was the inspiration behind Palomino Jewellery?

I had been making beaded and wire-wrapped jewelry as a hobby, but it didn’t interest me enough to pursue it as a vocation. Then I started to play around with leather and a well of stories opened up from inside of me. I was a competitive horseback rider for many years, and I had strong sensory based memories once I started working with leather. Once I started working with it, I couldn’t stop!

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Tell us more about the connection to the natural world and why this is important to you?

Horseback riders compete in all types of weather. Being from the Northeastern United States, I rode in the freezing cold and in extreme humidity. Don’t get me wrong; I did not like riding in these climates, but I loved the sport and the experience. It wasn’t until I became a full-time city dweller that I realized how much the seasonal experiences meant to me. This, too, is based in sensory memories: the smells, sights and sounds of each distinct season.

What’s the best lesson you’ve been taught?

When I get stuck, which is inevitable, keep working. Even if you don’t like what you are working on in the moment it will open up something greater, creatively speaking.

What steps do you take to make your life more positive?

I spend a lot of time with my dog. She gets me outdoors in all kinds of weather. Also, for me reading and being creative are deeply intertwined. A great book that teaches me something valuable – I read mostly nonfiction – taps into a creative narrative. I am certain I can’t make jewelry without furthering my education. 

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