Positive Luxury Meets…
Emily Rogers, Flamingo Jewellery


Emily Rogers is the founder of brand to trust Flamingo Jewellery. Positive Luxury meets to find out the inspiration behind the brand, and the artisanal  skills which go into every piece;


Tell us a little about the origins of Flamingo Jewellery.

I started Flamingo Jewellery due to my love of antique jewellery, but also because of the availability of beautiful and quality bespoke pieces available for competitive prices compared to modern jewellery.  Most modern jewellery is mass-produced, mainly abroad to keep costs down and productivity up, but at the expense of craftsmanship and quality.  I want to promote modern jewellery but in a bespoke hand-made setting for the individual gemstone.  

What’s your vision as you take the brand forward?

Jewellery is a one of the most emotive purchases.  You buy it because you fall in love with it, for yourself or for another.  I want to encourage this by making beautiful bespoke jewellery.  Customers will have an individual piece, which is special to them which will, in turn, hold their own story.  My vision is to use Fairmined Gold and champion the talent and skill we have in this country to create bespoke jewellery at competitive prices to mainstream brands.  

Can you tell us a little bit more of the artisanal skills involved in the making of your garments? How can consumers be assured they are buying from a jewellery brand they can trust?

My jeweller is apprenticed trained and skilled in the traditional techniques which have been passed down for Centuries.  Each piece he makes are hand-crafted with his tools, beginning with pliers and files to manipulate the precious metals in preparation for the stones to be set by hand.  The jewellery is then polished to a mirror effect.

I work very closely with my gemstone dealers and jeweller.  We are all passionate about our jobs and work together to create something which is more than the sum of our talents.  Jewellery tells a story and we are the story-tellers!

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How would you describe today’s luxury consumer?

The luxury consumer is no longer a niche market. Luxury has become mainstream. Luxury items are increasingly seen as a reward for increased hours and pressure at work, and also as a form of validation. But it is because of this increasing level of “luxury” that true luxury becomes harder to find and more satisfying once it is obtained.  This is leading to a “luxury plus” level of consumer who is no longer satisfied with mass produced mainstream “luxury” brands, but is instead seeking out something which separates them further from the luxury crowd. The main differentiators being bespoke craftsmanship and one-off pieces.  

One word that describes you?


What’s the best lesson you’ve been taught?

I have two.  My father told me to ‘just get on!’ and a friend passed on advice he was given which was: ‘adapt!’. I think it’s a good combination!

What steps do you take to make your life more positive?

The fear of not trying, or missing it out on something, is far greater for me than not doing something at all because it might not work out.  I want to keep trying, learning and being more flexible.  Getting on and adapting!

Describe Flamingo Jewellery in three words:

Bold, Individual, Ethical

Elizabeth Harris