My Positive Life…The Lissome

Positive Luxury talks to Dörte Lange of the online sustainable fashion platform Lissome to hear how the inspiration for the platform came about and what actions she takes to live a positive life.



What is The Lissome and how did it come about?

I started The Lissome in spring 2016 as an online fashion platform to spread the word about how stunning and beautiful sustainable fashion can be and to inspire others to fall in love with mindful fashion. Through The Lissome I share information about the key topics around sustainability in fashion, help consumers to make more conscious choices and provide access to a wide and well-selected range of aspirational mindful fashion brands from around the world. By hosting events such as the ‘Threads: Rethinking Fashion’ series of panel discussions with industry experts and the more informal ‘Mindful Fashion Meetups’ I build a supportive community of fashion designers, industry experts, students, and consumers to drive forward and nurture new ways of producing, consuming and collaborating with each other. My goal is that mindful fashion becomes the new paradigm and I want to achieve this by creating and fostering a culture in fashion that satisfies our deep human needs for beauty, connection, and meaning.


What do you do on a daily basis to live a positive life?

I try to nourish myself well. I love cooking and eating wholesome food, I love dancing and being in nature. Art, design, music and literature are all very important to me. I feel happier and more in balance with myself when I am surrounded by beauty and inspiring ideas and I hope that my own happiness will radiate to others.




What is your favourite sustainable fashion brand?

It’s so difficult to name only one or even only a few, there are so many amazing sustainable fashion brands out there! Among my personal favourites are Ryan Roche, Brother Vellies and Awaveawake from the States, Lana Siberie and Faustine Steinmetz from the UK, Kowtow from New Zealand, Mirador from Australia, and Fonnesbech, Baserange and Coltrane Works from Continental Europe.




What is your most beloved garment and why?

My most beloved garment is a minimalist dark-grey Jil Sander blouse that I bought a few years ago for ten dollars in a charity shop in the Hamptons. The fabric is a soft wool and the blouse is beautifully crafted, very comfortable and easy to wear. It is simple in perfection.


What actions to you take in your daily life to make it more positive?

In the past three years, I have entirely changed my shopping habits. I just don’t buy from the high street anymore. At the beginning, it seemed like a difficult task but it wasn’t really. These days I buy fewer, better things from independent makers, and I am in love with vintage clothing.


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