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Robe de Voyage is a luxury range of handwoven travel robes and nightwear. Handcrafted from the softest khadi cotton and silk, cloth which takes weeks to spin and weave by hand, the collection is bold, versatile and ideal to roll up and pack in your carry-on. 

Lovingly created by a small team of artisans, the robes are designed in London, tailored in Paris by a retired cutter from Dior and individually screen printed and assembled in Delhi.

From the placement of the print to the handmade box they arrive in, each garment is unique: an original work of art that you will never want to travel without. 

As a sign of Robe de Voyage’s commitment to sustainability, quality and craftsmanship, the prestigious brand has been awarded the Butterfly Mark, powered by Positive Luxury. The award of the Butterfly Mark recognises Robe de Voyage’s devotion to producing high-quality products with sustainability at the heart of every step.

Jessica Linklater, Founder of Robe de Voyage, took a moment with Positive Luxury to share the journey of Robe de Voyage in its first year and the importance of being a brand to trust.



What is the inspiration behind Robe de Voyage?


I lived in Paris for ten years working as a designer and each season would over-see production of prêt-à-porter in India and China, living out of suitcases in hotels. Every morning before work I’d pad down to the pool in the hotel dressing gown and often thought to myself how cool it would be to make hotel bath robes more stylish. Flying home to Paris, I came across a photo of Lauren Bacall looking extremely glamorous in a robe having breakfast with Humphrey Bogart on a camp in the Congo and it completely inspired me to design the perfect travel robe: something lightweight and luxurious, that could be thrown into a bag and taken on any adventure.


What benefits do Robe de Voyage pieces bring to consumers that others do not?  


All our garments are hand-printed and made from khadi cotton and silk which is also spun and woven by hand. The placement of the print is different on every garment which makes each robe unique. It’s a time consuming process but very worthwhile— not only is the finished piece without equal in terms of softness and texture, the manufacturing techniques also keep ancient crafts alive and allow us to work directly with small co-operatives of weavers and hand printers.


In your opinion, what have been the most significant changes in the fashion industry since you began?


The speed of communication with the Far East and India has meant that the high street is now able to copy designer catwalk shows for a fraction of the price overnight. This ultra cheap fashion has encouraged a throw away culture and an attitude that there’s “plenty more where that came from” in the market place. I wanted Robe de Voyage to be the opposite of that: to focus on an essential range of loungewear that was of the highest quality and provenance and could all fit snugly into a small Globetrotter.


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The words ‘sustainable’ and ‘ethical’ are often used as marketing tools, rather than being asserted as essential elements of business. Do you see this attitude changing?


Yes, absolutely. There is definitely a new market for the conscientious consumer who wants something original that has been sourced with care. But it requires a change in perception in some ways to remind people that clothes are really a luxury in themselves and not just disposable items.


It has been an intense first year for Robe de Voyage, what are you looking forward to the most in the year ahead?  


After months of setting up the company, it’s incredibly rewarding sending boxes out the door and seeing how far the robes travel on #myrobetrip. Snaps from customers in India, Cuba and Japan are my favourite so far.  I also can’t wait to launch our silk collection in early 2017. We have a pair of khadi silk pyjamas arriving soon which are a dream to sleep in.


What is your favourite Robe de Voyage product, and why?


This summer, I had great fun wearing the kurta. It’s the ultimate multi-tasker– nightshirt, poolside cover up and party dress but I have to say I always travel with the large travel shawl.




What is Positive Luxury to you?


A sense of well-being knowing that what you’re wearing has been made in a harm-free environment where workers are paid living wages. That in itself should be the new norm – as obvious as not wanting to breath polluted air in a city.


Find out more about Robe de Voyage as a brand to trust here



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