Stones, Tones & Jewellery’s New Gold Standard


There’s a new alchemy in the mix of precious metals, diamonds, and coloured gemstones.


Beauty’s new by-word is fair – and traditional hand-finished sophistication in jewellery is no longer legitimately luxurious unless it also comes ethically sourced and fairmined.


Luca Jouel


Luca Jouel


Positive Luxury is delighted to recommend brands doing good things – and doing good business too. Foremost is Australia’s Luca Jouel, awarded the Butterfly Mark, whose actions safeguard vulnerable children and support responsible manufacturers in the field. In addition, Tereena Lucas, chief designer, is a fellow member of the Gemmological Association of Australia (FGAA) and a member of the Jewellers Association of Australia (JAA).


The Butterfly Mark, powered by Positive Luxury, is awarded to luxury lifestyle brands that take pride in their craftsmanship, service, and design, whilst having a positive social impact and respect for our shared environment. The Butterfly Mark offers wordless reassurance that Luca Jouel is a brand to trust.


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Other brands we can recommend as committed to integrity, fair play and luxury’s new good governance are Argyle Pink Diamonds, Stephen Webster, House of Garrard, Arctic Circle and Flamingo Jewellery.


An exciting story to watch is the discussion surrounding synthetic versus non-synthetic gemstones. Synthetic stones are the exact same product only their properties are born of a scientist’s high-tech lab. Current debate centers on whether market demand for these ‘too perfect’ stones will overtake naturally occurring stones (similar to what happened with pearls). Currently, it looks as though the earth’s natural imperfections are what’s driving demand – for an authenticity that is naturally beautiful. Hence the continuing need to ensure non-synthetic stones are mined fairly.


synthetic diamonds


The Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) is at the forefront of a growing global movement of miners, support organizations,  and market players, working together towards the positive transformation of the artisanal and small-scale gold mining sector globally. Formed to support Fairmined certified mining organizations, the objective is to help each other get on with fair practices.




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