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Sustainably Chic

Positive Luxury talks to Natalie Kay Smith, creator of the blog Sustainably Chic to hear how the inspiration for the site came about and what attracts her to sustainable brands
Please tell us about how the journey of Sustainably Chic started
It’s been a long one, for sure. In college, I studied fashion and would stumble upon articles of unethical treatment and waste. They stuck with me, and towards the middle of my studies I fell in love with Fair Trade & supporting traditional crafts. I started looking into sustainability, which was not spoken much about 7 years ago. I took my first class on the topic and knew from that point forward, I had to apply it to fashion. I wouldn’t be in the industry if my career was not going down that path. After graduating, I moved to Charleston for my boyfriend’s job, and worked in the bridal/prom industry {which is way off from where I wanted to be, but I had limited choices}. One day, at work, I was talking to my friend/boss about the importance of sustainable fashion – I had my own Etsy, making upcycled accessories – and felt I wasn’t doing enough about the cause. She had an old travel blog we were going through, which sparked my idea of starting my own blog. Why not just speak about it, and see if anyone feels the same way as I do?! I thought of the name that day, and bought the domain. This was in July 2014. Never did I think it would be my job today… 
What is it about sustainable brands that attracts you to them?
At this point, fashion can only be sustainable {at least, it should be}. Knowing brands are putting forth the effort to make this possible, makes it easy to gravitate towards. Any business who cares about people, the environment & their economic position, truly knows what they are doing. It isn’t just about profits, the planet or a group of workers – it is everything combined. I think sustainable brands have a lot to offer in terms of uniqueness & product. With sustainability, comes a lot of subjectivity and differences, but with very similar principles. A sustainable brand looks at the entire picture – how they can incorporate all components of sustainability {within their own environment} & create a brand which will aid in future generations. 
In your opinion, what have been the most significant changes in the fashion industry since you began Sustainably Chic?
I’ve seen hundreds of new sustainable brands emerge over the past two years, which has given us great options when it comes to shopping. With all the different price points, it’s hard to say you can’t find what you are looking for. Campaigns like “Who Made My Clothes” and Fair Trade Month {which is going on right now} have helped tremendously in getting the word out to the masses {instagram is a game changer, too!} Having The True Cost on Netflix has been another amazing way to get the slow fashion movement going. So many viewers write to me saying they saw the documentary & found my blog after exploring other options besides fast fashion. I can only imagine what it’s going to be like 5 years from now 🙂 I’m very excited for the future! 

What is Positive Luxury to you?
Positive luxury is honest, transparent & GREAT quality. It’s not only about the product, but the movement. A movement towards a better fashion industry & future. 
What is your favourite Positive Luxury brand?
Hands down – Po-Zu! I have a pair of their shoes & wear them almost everyday. 


Elizabeth Harris