Demystifying Beauty Formula


Unless you’re a chemist, a quick glance at the product label of most cosmetics is enough to induce panic and confusion when trying to buy beauty products that are as safe and ethical as they are effective.

Whilst the vast majority of chemicals are perfectly safe to use, a number of them are not – and some are just unnecessary. Parabens, for example, are preservatives used to keep cosmetics fresh, but there are also simple, one-note natural ingredients that can do the job. Silicones are compounds used to smooth skin, but aren’t so great for the environment, taking hundreds of years to break down.

A whole host of brands have sprung up to meet the need for luxe, ethical skincare. Positive Luxury has awarded the Butterfly Mark to all of these brands, guaranteeing that your beauty shelf is not only nasties-free, but has been rigorously assessed to ensure your skincare has been produced to high sustainability standards.



Virginia Stone

Good enough to eat…quite literally. Founder Virginia stands by her products so much she’s happy to eat them. The range focuses on creating luxe, natural skincare for all skin tones which is housed in chic stoneware.


Lisa Franklin Pro-Effect Luminescent Base

Lisa Franklin

Londoner Lisa Franklin uses high-end natural minerals coupled with a lightweight formula in her Icon Foundation, boasting UVA/UVB protection. Free from preservatives, parabens, artificial colours and harsh chemicals her range is ideal for all skin types and conditions. Her anti-ageing serum, the Pro-Effect Luminescent Base employs rose quartz, frankincense and platinum to restore and energise your skin.


Positive Luxury_Soveral_Green Tea and Lime Mens wash copy

Alexandra Soveral

Soveral’s hand-blended oils, moisturisers and candles are stocked at Net-a-Porter and sit on the shelves of the upscale Mondrian hotel in London. Founder Alexandra Soveral studied aromatherapy, chemistry and anatomy and physiology before launching her beauty brand, which is Soil Association-certified.




Organic label AEOs follows a classic three-step skincare system, but with some wildcard ingredients: think tinctures of crystals and gems mixed with biodynamic plant extracts, all produced in Lincolnshire, England.



Fountain of Youth

Originally developed as post-operative treatments for patients undergoing surgery, Fountain of Youth has hired aestheticians, scientists and dermatologists to develop its skincare line, which is free from genetically modified ingredients.

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