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Positive Luxury chats to co-founders of Saiint, Katie & Diana George, discussing why they choose to shop consciously and their ultimate knitwear brand..




What inspired you to start Saiint? 

Inspiration to start Saiint came from our desire to change the way we ourselves dress and a strong longing to do something in partnership as sisters. We are a pair of nutters together, always laughing and doing crazy things, but we have heaps of ideas and hold different unique strengths that allow us to knuckle down and make something from nothing. Through our research, we became more and more aware of where our clothes came from and the more we discovered, the more we couldn’t bare shopping in stores that made us feel like we were contributing to a fashion system that didn’t have all parties best interests at heart. It just made sense to start our own personal journey towards finding and sharing the stories of feel good brands. Things are progressing so well, but in all honesty, one year on, it’s still not always quick or easy to shop consciously and we hope that as we build out Saiint, we can do more to make the brands we love more accessible to everyone, including ourselves.


What is the one thing you would like to change about the fashion industry? 

We would absolutely love to see all the wonderful feel good brands out there getting more exposure. Through exposure and awareness, we can allow consumers to make informed decisions about what they really want to cloth themselves with and how those clothes make them feel. We know people are a little bit lazy and if it’s not easy, quick or affordable (or if you just don’t know it’s there) then there is no reason why you would change your shopping habits. We have too many other things on our minds, so people feel good fashion needs to be handed to them on a plate……then they will change their ways. There’s no way they want to do what we’ve had to do to source feel good fashion! So, let’s give conscious fashion more exposure! It’s platforms like ours and Positive Luxury who can start to make a difference




What does sustainability mean to you? 

We would love to explain our view on this because the dictionary definition just doesn’t quite cut it for us! In our eyes, sustainability is the concept of committing to realistic, doable long-term change and growth that benefits all of the wonderful people (and planet) who are involved. From the cleaner, to the artisan, to the designer and all the way to the founder or CEO. We don’t believe in success without those around us joining in on the celebration, We believe in progress that is not just a handout, but a journey we can all enjoy together in fairness and with mutual benefit and respect. We were fortunate enough to be brought up with these ideals close to our hearts so the idea of feel good fashion for everyone in the process is just simple common sense! 


With so many to choose from nowadays, what do you look for in a new brand? 

We tend to look for slightly different things because our styles differ somewhat, but we both care about the quality and whether the makers are treated fairly. We’d much rather buy a piece that is really well made even if it costs a bit more because at least we’ll be able to keep it for longer. This cost-per-wear thing always pops up in our minds, not as an excuse to splash out and buy something expensive, but as a commitment to the product by understanding it’s real value. We can’t stand this whole thing of rushing out each week to buy a new dress for the next outing…..we will happily wear the same gorgeous piece on multiple occasions (often for multiple years…assuming it still fits!). Diana leans towards colourful pieces where you can see the artisans work….being an artisan herself, she is fully aware of the soul that goes into this. Katie tends to go for simpler styles that are easy to throw on without to much thought….she basically needs a stylist who can think about it for her!


Photo Credit: Ally Bee

What is your favourite Positive Luxury brand?

Oh my god, what a mean question…..there are so many wonderful brands! We’re going to pick two because there are two of us (that’s only fair right?!). Aravore and Ally Bee…..Diana is a knitwear expert, so there’s a not-so-secret bias going on here and Katie gets cold very easily, so knitwear it is! Both of these brands are gorgeous!

Elizabeth Harris