Runway2Street x Positive Luxury Designer Spotlight: Luca Jouel


In the first of our Designer Spotlight series in collaboration with Runway2Street, we highlight awarded brand to trust Australian fine jewellery brand Luca Jouel, read their story here;


The intricate detail that adorns Luca Jouel’s fine jewellery expresses sophisticated yet organic beauty, offering custom designed pieces using ethically sourced diamonds, together with mixed precious metals and luxury hand finishes.




Tereena Lucas founded Luca Jouel as a result of her aspiration to celebrate raw and sophisticated beauty. Her love of jewellery stems from antiquity, as well as patterns of botanic and architectural origin. Tereena is devoted to a timeless style transcending generations, to create heirloom quality jewellery that holds personal meaning for the wearer.


Luca Jouel


Working with a team of talented craftsmen, Tereena uses harmonious combinations of hand-sourced rare and unusual diamonds, gemstones and mixed precious metals to create a collection rich in detail yet one that is organic and edgy, a striking combination of the traditional and timeless, with a modern sensibility.





Luca Jouel has been awarded the Butterfly Mark by Positive Luxury, in recognition of Tereena’s commitment across all areas of sustainability. Positive Luxury connects brands and consumers that care, to inspire people to buy better and influence brands to do better. Luca Jouel’s efforts towards sustainability include her dedication towards sourcing conflict-free gemstones, her association with the alliance for responsible mining and her support of the Australian Childhood Foundation where a part of proceeds are donated to help the foundation safeguard all children from the trauma of abuse, violence and neglect.


Explore the Luca Jouel collection on Runway2Street here


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