Naturally Gifted: The Best Treats Made From All-Natural Origins


Natural fibres have endured in our closets and in our homes for a reason: it’s hard to replicate the beauty and longevity of natural materials, whether it’s in a soft wool coat or a perfect leather boot.


Produced with care, natural materials can also make for a much lighter impact on the environment than chemical and resource-heavy synthetics, something these brands – all Positive Luxury approved – are championing.





Named Hevea after the Latin name for a genus of rubber trees, Hevea Brasiliensis, this upmarket baby brand taps natural rubber from Malaysian rubber forests for its childcare accessories. 


The production of synthetic rubber gobbles up petrochemicals. Using natural rubber, on the other hand, promotes forestry and CO2 reduction by increasing the number of trees grown for the product.


And unlike the synthetic stuff, natural rubber is biodegradable. Hevea makes essentials that are as cute as they are ecosystem-friendly: take a look at the award-winning star bottle, a favourite of ours.







The art of shoemaking is an ancient trade, but in our age of cheap, throwaway footwear, it’s easy to forget that a well-made pair of shoes requires time, skill and quality materials.


Traditional shoe-crafting has given way to mass production, with the demand for cheap and fast production encouraging the exploitation of vulnerable workers through long hours, low pay and dangerous working conditions. According to London-based shoe brand Po-zu, an average of three pairs of shoes per person are sent to landfill every year.


Po-zu chooses to use biodegradable, luxury natural materials for its shoes, like these Peasey Aqua shoes, which are designed to be loved and to last, with their award-winning biodegradable coconut box that can be used for seed planters. Coconut-husk coir, British wool tweed and chemical-free leather are just some of the natural materials the company crafts its kicks with.






Nottinghamshire-based Penrose uses organic wool and alpaca for its range of cloud-soft pillows and duvets. Both fibres are naturally hypoallergenic and regulate body temperature beautifully: perfect for ensuring a restful, cosy night’s sleep.


Even better, as part of their ‘Fibre Refresh’ offer, Penrose will continue to care of your home’s bedding long after your purchase, as the brand takes pride in restoring its products. So if a glass of wine takes a tumble, say, or you simply want to refresh your bedding, Penrose will pick up your bedding and return it refreshed and re-sewn in a chemical-free cleaning process.


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