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 Think of the technology industry as a ‘man’s world’? Think again.


Only Fingers and Toes (OF + T) believe that by understanding the truly transformative power of colour to not only change the way you look, but just as crucially, change the way you feel, nails are the perfect canvases of expression to communicate who you are and how you feel in a simple slick of colour.


By removing potentially toxic chemicals – DBP, toluene, formaldehyde and formaldehyde resin, camphor and Phthalic acid – they are committed to offering a nail lacquer that is kind to the body without compromising on durability or quality. No detail about their product has been overlooked, right down to their uber-elegant packaging inspired by the Japanese art of gifting. From individual polishes to deluxe collections, each is housed within an elegant grosgrain box, ensuring that an everyday treat is transformed into a truly feel-good luxury.


India Martin, founder of OF+T took a moment to speak with Positive Luxury about the crucial impact of women in all aspects of business and the importance of being a brand to trust.



How did Only Fingers and Toes begin?


Only Fingers and Toes started as an investment project for me. When I was still working in Investment Banking, I was looking at industries that were growing through the recession. Beauty was by far the largest and at that time in the UK and Europe, nail colour was the smallest category. I saw a gap in the luxury market and OF+T was born.


What is your favourite colour in the OF+T collection?


At this time of year, my favourite colour is Vampira. It is a gorgeous black colour with faint multicoloured sparkles. I love the element of surprise. It looks like black from afar but has the most gorgeous flecks of colour. It’s elegant and subtle but still really on-trend.


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OF+T are loyal supporters of Dollis Dolls and Shine. What drew you to these organisations?


I have always been hugely philanthropic. It is in my personal DNA and I wanted the business to reflect that. Philanthropy isn’t just about financial giving, it is also about donations of time, resource and goods. These two charities have been our primary beneficiaries because the focus on improving the lives of women from under represented communities, something that is very close to my heart. We do and always will support other charities as well, but these two use manicures specifically to teach women a skill that they can use to earn. To me, there is nothing better.


How crucial do you feel the role of women plays across the businesses that you have been involved with?


Women are my biggest consumers so they are extremely crucial to the brand’s success. Additionally, in our headquarters, our management team are all women. Believe it or not, in the cosmetics space, men are still at the top though women are the biggest consumers. I’m delighted to be able to do things differently in my business.


How do you see this evolving?


I do believe that gender diversity is crucially important. I think the balance of all women is just as challenging as all men. It is getting a broad array of views that truly gives businesses the best vantage point.




What is the main thing you would like to see improve in the beauty industry?


I would like to see tougher regulation on the formulations that can be used in cosmetics and hair/skin care products. In my utopia, all products would be kind to our bodies, kind to the environment and in some way benefit the communities in which we live.


India will be hosting a member’s only event at Shoreditch House on Monday 21st, delving into the ever-evolving industry and the role of women within it. Join India as she shares insights into determining gaps, trends and the impact of digital disruption. 



Find out more about Only Fingers + Toes as a brand to trust here



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