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Alyssa Lau


Positive Luxury catches up with Alyssa Lau founder of conscious style blog Ordinary People, and ethical online store New Classics Studio. We discover the inspiration behind her blog and what she looks for in new brands,




How did the shop new classics progress from ordinary people?

My interest in fashion first started with the creation of my blog, Ordinary People, and haunted me as soon as I graduated from University. I was extremely unsure about what my future looked like, but eventually realized that I didn’t want to give up any opportunities to work in fashion. So that’s when my boyfriend gave me the idea of launching an online store. I knew immediately that I didn’t want to open just any run-of-the-mill e-commerce store, but one that was mindful of the environment and the garment workers involved in the supply chain. And that’s when we came up with New Classics Studios

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What inspired your #wearthechange campaign?

Apart from supporting really awesome and innovative designers, we also wanted to use New Classics as a platform to get our customers asking ethical questions about their clothing, as well as learn more about sustainable and slow fashion. Our #WearTheChange campaign is therefore our call to action to get people involved and hopefully join the slow fashion movement.




What does sustainability mean to you?

Sustainability for me is being mindful of our choices in order to make sure that our social and environmental wellbeing can be preserved.


What do you look for in new brands for the site?

When considering new brands for the site, we look for designers and labels who also value the New Classics ideology, which merges classic and timeless design with quality construction, transparency, social responsibility, and environmental awareness!




What is your favourite Positive Luxury brand?

I’m obsessed with Loewe!


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