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Oliver Gladwin


Love eating out but wish there were more sustainable options? We catch up with  Nutbourne Restaurant  co-founder & creative chef Oliver Gladwin. Based in Battersea with a focus on responsibly sourced and foraged ingredients, dive into a new culinary experience.


Oliver and Tomahawk


First tell us about your new restaurant, Nutbourne. where is it and how does it differ from the Shed and Rabbit?

With Nutbourne we wanted to create a community restaurant in the village of Battersea that caters to all the tastes of the locals and people from the surrounding areas.  Having both lived round the corner for 10 years we knew there was a gap in the market for this.


What’s cooking there? Is there a signature dish?

We have an open fire barbeque grill that uses Dorset charcoal that is a centrepiece of the restaurant. We have some very special dishes that require lots of skill and technique such as Grouse served on a hot Himalayan salt rock and a potato spaghetti carbonara that is packed with a smoky bacon flavour. We also have a selection of salads, grains and pulses as a healthier and quick option for those looking for a quick stop off after walking their dog in the park next door.




How has being brought up on the farm shaped your cooking?

It has made us understand the importance of the whole concept of nose to tail cooking and embrace every element. We are very lucky to have our brother Gregory’s farms in Sussex. By purchasing our meat from him, we are able to directly trace the farming practice from rearing to abattoir. Our brother respects his animals and we carry on that respect in the kitchen by using every part of the animal we can. Not a bit goes to waste.”


Was sustainable cooking always on the menu?

Seasonal British ingredients, sustainable cooking and foraging have always taken centre stage in everything we do. We think the key to running a sustainable restaurant successfully is to focus on finding and building lasting relationships with the right suppliers and bringing in team members who will respect the complete goals of our business – it’s not just about how the food tastes on the plate! To do that we as owners need to know the process and be part of it.”




It seems like the business is a real family affair. How does it work?

Although this is a tight family business the reason it works so well is because we all have our own departments. Gregory has complete control of the farm although I have my input, I try and never cross the line. I am the chef creative and create the menus. Then there is Richard who takes the helm of the running of the business. Obviously, these three always cross over and as best friends we are always there to help one another out but also know when to leave each other to our own devices.


Are you planning to expand the brand further?

Let’s get this one out of the way first! But yes, in the future we would love to do something in Sussex, as well as possibly a rural seaside retreat in the UK. New Zealand has very similar farming and foraging Environments so let’s not rule anything out!! Sustainable cooking is deep within our veins.




What’s your favourite dish?`

Wild fallow loin marinated in juniper, orange, thyme, rapeseed oil and bay leaf cooked on the open barbeque, carved and served with a mulled wine fluid gel.


To what do you attribute to your success?

Now with 3 restaurants and 80 members of staff, we couldn’t successfully deliver our concepts, cook our food and serve our customers without each and every one of our amazing staff who appreciate the same mindset as us.





Who or what inspires you?

The dream of the success of bringing British wild food into London on a commercial scale.


Find out more and book your spot at Nutborne here 


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