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Jasmine Hemsley


Have you checked out the Maiyet Pop-Up store on Conduit Street in Mayfair? If not what is stopping you? Not only is the store the perfect edit of luxury conscious fashion brand Maiyet, it also houses the hotly anticipated East by West restaurant, from the wonderful Jasmine Hemsley.


We catch up with Jasmine to discuss the inspiration behind the collaboration, her tips for living a positive life & her must have beauty products. 



Jasmine Hemsley at East by West / Photo credit: Nick Hopper


What inspired you to start East by West at the Maiyet pop-up store?

I’ve had a keen interest in nutrition for well over a decade, and over that time, I’ve been devouring information about different eating philosophies and styles. The inspiration behind East by West is Ayurveda, the 5000 year old ‘Science of Life’ which is grounded in the goal of bringing the body back into a balanced, harmonious state, helping you to understand your body’s physical and spiritual needs in relation to your environment. This ancient understanding of diet and lifestyle has influenced all of natural medicine as we know it today and has had a profound influence on my personal food philosophies as well as my daily approach to life. During my first trip to India this summer with my partner, Nick Hopper (where we did a 1 month panchakarma before travelling in Rajasthan for 2 weeks where I also got engaged!) I felt a deep longing to share the basic principles of Ayurveda in a cafe-style offering that was very relaxed and inspiring. I want to plant the seed of Ayurveda in the West, for those who might not stumble across this philosophy in their day to day.


I love the story behind Maiyet. Their clothes are pure luxury, and a positive indulgence at that – we teamed up after a serendipitous introduction to Maiyet’s CEO, Paul, where we found common ground in our passion for sustainability, ethical practice and beautiful, thoughtful production. Maiyet have been the ideal partner to help bring the East by West vision to life in London, and we’ve loved ‘popping up’ within their concept store space on Conduit Street in Mayfair.


East by West itself is a dream come true – an opportunity to share some of the fundamentals of Ayurveda to promote consideration and change. From Golden Turmeric milk at breakfast (which has had a recent surge in popularity but not many people know where it comes from) to serving seasonal hot dinners cooked fresh to order, we try to bring an Ayurvedic influence to every element. The most important aspect of Ayurveda is the digestion of food – after all you are what you can digest and for everything that you’re not digesting you can be upsetting and straining your system. Ayurveda follows the principle that cooked food stokes the digestive fire and favours soups, stews and hot drinks. The East by West menu combines these ancient principles and the confident flavours of the East and brings it to life with the best seasonal British produce.  


Maiyet Concept Store, Conduit Street, Mayfair / Photo credit: Nick Hopper


What do you do on a daily basis to live a positive life?

Meditate – I aim to meditate for 20 mins twice a day….although during a launch phase of a cafe, that can feel impossible! If I don’t manage one of the sessions I try to take a moment, catch my breath, close my eyes and try to reset. When I make meditation part of my daily life, it helps me to make clearer, more level headed decisions and helps me to go with the flow during the trickier moments in life.


In terms of sustainable living, I’m well known for my thrifty secondhand shopping habit! I love to find furniture, paintings, vases and even clothing at London’s brilliant carboot sales. There is incredible treasure to be found if you’re only willing to take a look. Recycling and upcycling in my life is complimented by making conscious decisions to purchase more sustainable products both for myself, and as gifts for others.


Jasmine Hemsley / Photo credit: Nick Hopper


What does sustainability mean to you?

Sustainability for me means treading lightly on the planet – I imagine myself one day in the future living the self-sustainable dream. For now, in a very material, urban world, I do what I can to make a positive difference. I’m careful about what I throw away and try not to be wasteful – especially with food. At East by West, all our dishes are made fresh every day and with only two rotating lunch options – a Pakti Bowl of the day and a Soup of the day – we can make good use of the seasonal veg that turns up. People seem to love less choice in a day and age where there are up to 135 icecream flavours in the UK! At East by West, when it’s gone, it’s gone, so lunchtimes are packed, and on quiet days the staff take the rest home. Fresh and minimal wastage is key at the cafe and we pride ourselves on this mindful approach.


I’ve also learnt that when it comes to fashion, less is more. Over time, I’ve come to appreciate my purchases and their quality more, taking into consideration the long term potential of a purchase rather than being so easily wooed by pieces that may not have a real purpose in my wardrobe.


East by West Lunch Favourite – The Pakti Bowl / Photo credit: Nick Hopper


What is your personal luxury?

Organic tampons (yes I said it!) by TOTM, and essential oils. I’ve been wearing Glowing Radiance scented oil roller as a perfume from Ila-Spa since the summer and everyone I greet mentions how good it smells. Cleaning my face at night with Alexandra Soveral Angel Balm and inhaling the essential oils through a hot flannel make bedtime an absolute luxury.


I also got engaged this summer while traveling in India and my engagement ring is a stone called Chrysoberyl which has been ethically sourced from small, family owned mine and designed by my friends, Gajendra and Shanane – patrons of the arts in India. 

Angel_Balm-hires-1054-min 2

Jasmine’s Nightly Ritual – Soveral Angel Balm


What is your favourite Positive Luxury brand & why?

Too many to name! I love travel and new experiences so I’d have to say Song Saa, Six Senses Resorts and Soneva Resorts. A weekend at Chewton Glen in the New Forest was the last holiday I had with my dad, lots of laughter and comedy moments that can only happen with your family, so it remains dear to my heart.


Visit the Maiyet Store & East by West here, & follow Jasmine Hemsley here & here 


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