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In recognition of Virginia Stone’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and for its inspired mission to revolutionise the skincare industry where ‘master artisans have perfected the balance between green chemistry and culinary creativity, transforming the expected into the extraordinary’, the prestigious brand has been awarded the Butterfly Mark, powered by Positive Luxury. The award of the Butterfly Mark is a wordless reassurance that Virginia Stone is a luxury brand to trust, with sustainability at the heart of every step.

Virginia Stone, Founder/CEO and Master Formulator, has brought innovation to the skincare industry in more ways than one. Her meticulous approach to selecting the most natural ingredients for her formulas, coupled with the unparalleled commitment towards ensuring the recyclability of her packaging, undoubtedly places her brand in the spotlight. We bring you her story, as Virginia takes a moment with Positive Luxury reinforcing the importance of being a beauty brand to trust.




What drew you to launching your own skincare brand?

Disenchanted by false promises, poorly formulated products, and a frustration with the current skin care model – Disheartened by the damage and destruction to humanity, the environment and animal welfare, left in the wake of the skin care industry – I realised that someone had to offer a solution, a new way of thinking within the industry. I believe that a corporation can be sustainable, that a brand can have a soul, and that skin care formulas can be both luxurious and healthy yielding maximum results.




In your opinion, what have been the most significant changes in the beauty industry since you began?

I would most definitely have to say consumer awareness. When I began back in 2001, nobody wanted to accept that the ingredients in their skin care products could potentially be causing them harm. Consumers are finally asking the right questions, educating themselves, and demanding more from their products and the brands that they support. The veil is slowly lifting.




If compared to other skincare brands, what would you say is the particularity/USP of your product range?

There are a few key differences that separate Virginia Stone from the competition, and put us in the spotlight as leaders within the industry.

We have created a new model for skin care, based on our belief that the ‘dry/normal/oily’ classification system is incomplete and does not address the differences found within varying skin tones or the need to approach and treat each tone independently. The most important factor to consider when designing skincare is tone. Your tone determines your skin personality, which inherently defines unique characteristics like skin density, sensitivity, SPF requirements, and potency tolerance levels.

We are the first to offer luxury packaging that is 100% sustainable throughout its entire lifespan. Our custom-crafted stone Luxador™ is inspired by the beauty of nature, combining sand, stone, limestone, and water to create this exclusive piece of art.




What advice would you give to consumers when purchasing beauty/skincare products? Are there specific ingredients you feel should be avoided at all costs? What should consumers look out for?

Always read the ingredients list, and don’t be fooled by green-washing and clever marketing tactics. More often-then-not 70-90% of a formula is comprised of the first 3-4 ingredients listed; many of the healing/active plant materials within a formula are used at such a small percentage that they cannot yield results that are beneficial; many formulations are heated and processed at high temperatures which render the plant materials dead; and water is nothing more than a cheap filler (if water was truly beneficial to skin care, then your morning shower would be the ‘fountain of youth’).

Secondly, look for the small print. When your eye cream has small print that states ‘do not use around the eye area’ or ‘keep away from eyes’, I would seriously question using it. Isn’t the purpose of an eye cream to benefit the eyes, and be used around the eye area?

A skin care formula is only as good as the quality of ingredients within. Avoid GMO’s, petroleum by-products, harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrance and colouring, parabens, mineral oil, BHA’s, and sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates. There are many more potentially dangerous ingredients to avoid, and it is best to source out resources for a complete list: ThinkDirty; Campaign for Safe Cosmetics; and EWG Skin Deep are just a few to trust.




What benefits do Virginia Stone products bring to consumers that others do not? 

First and foremost, results! Each Virginia Stone product is made fresh in house upon order. Slow-cooked with precision, exotic oils are folded into lush butters and infused with wild-crafted herbal teas, nutrient-rich juices, and potent vitamin complexes – custom designed based on the unique requirements and concerns of your specific skin tone.

Secondly, we offer a sensorial experience that brings magic back to your skin care regime. Our collections will stimulate the senses, and make you fall in love with skin care again.


What is Positive Luxury to you?

Positive Luxury is a community of sustainable brands that lead by example, setting a new standard for ethical business practices.


Find out more about Virginia Stone as a brand to trust here


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