Waste-Free Wrapping


Once – if – you’ve finished finding your Christmas presents, there’s another thing to think about come yuletide: wrapping them.

Millions of rolls of wrapping paper get produced every year, only to be torn away and quickly discarded come Christmas Day. If you’re lucky, the stuff gets recycled, but it’s still a huge amount of resources used up on something which is often done as a panicked rush job, fizz in hand, on Christmas Eve (or is that just us?).

Gift wrapping doesn’t have to be tedious, and there are ways to create a beautiful, thoughtfully presented present that doesn’t involve huge amounts of time or expense.

Here’s Positive Luxury’s roundup of ways to bedeck your gifts this Christmas without damaging the environment at the same time.


No wrapping at all

Some of our favourite brands make their packaging so pretty, they’re ready to be sat under the Christmas tree just as they are. Rococo’s stunning chocolate boxes come covered with beautiful line drawings. And there’s another type of present that definitely doesn’t need wrapping paper: the type that comes in a jewellery box. Stephen Webster’s gems come encased in sleek, discreet black boxes.


RococoChocolate_Rococo Balthazar Hamper No. 3Edit


Brown paper packages

Cut down on the sellotape, and use ribbon. Pick up some recycled brown parcel paper from the Post Office and secure your present with some pretty ribbons. VV Rouleaux is the king of ribbon makers, but most department stores and town high streets will have a haberdashery section or a fabric shop.



VV Rouleaux store / Photo credit: La Femme Éclectique


Get creative!

Use fabric or be inventive with recycled paper. Recycling something non-traditional not only looks like you’ve made an effort, it also helps reduce the amount of paper that will be sent needlessly to landfill come January. Try plain linen or a Liberty-esque cotton floral fabric finished off with an old-fashioned parcel tag. Old Christmas cards can easily be repurposed too as sweet, home-made tags too.



Photo credit: maikagoods.com


Box it up

Reusable and then recyclable, a box-wrapped present instantly feels weightier and more luxurious. A plain box wrapped in velvet ribbon makes a perfect luxe, yet low-key gift-giving idea. 




However you choose to wrap this year, we wish you a happy and positive festive season! 


Olivia Gagan