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Bronagh Holmes Luxury

We’re delighted to introduce Bronagh Holmes Luxury, a new addition to our portfolio of #brandstotrust. Each exquisite leather piece is handcrafted to order by Bronagh Holmes herself, using eco-leathers, suede and fish leathers.

We caught up with the designer behind the brand to find out more about the ethos behind these contemporary designs. 


What inspired you to start your own leather goods brand?
Being a fashion designer, I have always wanted my own label. I was inspired to start my own leather goods brand as I wanted to create something beautiful, yet with a more sustainable angle. I wanted a business that I could have total control over and could start small and grow organically. I have always loved working with leather and decided to make a few bags which people really loved and the business grew really organically from there. I also wanted to turn fish leathers into luxurious pieces. The size of the skins are perfect for handbags and small leather goods.


bronagh holmes 5


Why do you choose to use by-product and fish leathers in your designs?
My brand was created out of a love of fashion and luxury, but with a desire to make a difference. I wanted to create a brand that I was proud to stand behind, with a sustainable ethos at the centre of what I do. Fish leather was a waste product up until recently. To use a beautiful by-product that would otherwise be waste and turn it into something beautiful is a truly special and exciting experience. 
All your pieces are handmade to order, why is this important to you?
Having worked in the fashion industry for years, I have seen the large amounts of waste products it can produce each season. Echoing my sustainable, greener ethos, I wanted to reduce unnecessary waste in my business. Making a product to order ensures no waste products and it also enables the customer to get a truly custom made piece. 
Bronagh Holmes
Which is your favourite product from the current collection?
My favourite bag is my black Alana bag with my personal initials on the front. It is my go-to everyday bag – I throw it over my shoulder and get on with my day. It’s a really versatile bag perfect for meetings, lunch, running errands and going for drinks.
I am loving the new Aiva purse in Leopard print – hair-on hide (available this month). It had its debut over Christmas and I had lots of compliments, so that’s exciting! 
What’s next for Bronagh Holmes Luxury?
This year I will be expanding my collection with a range of new bags, I will also introduce a men’s leather goods collection and have Bronagh Holmes Luxury stocked in a few select retailers.
What is your positive action for the year ahead?
I will be implementing more energy saving and recycling in my studio and using only recycled goods where possible. I also want to start harvesting rain water.

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