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Lucy Williams of Fashion Me Now

Positive Luxury chats to Lucy Williams, the face of fashion, travel and lifestyle blog Fashion Me Now.

Fashion Me Now is an ode to Lucy’s tomboy-chic style that effortlessly mixes high-end luxury with a relaxed look, along with some envy-inducing adventures across the globe. We find out why Lucy wants to shop better in the year ahead and what she looks for when buying luxury. 


Lucy Williams of Fashion Me Now. Photo by Frances Davison


What’s the story behind Fashion Me Now? 

It started as something of a personal mood board back when I was interning at magazines after university. Before the days of Instagram and Pinterest, blogs were a place to share favourite images and inspirations and it became a bit of an outlet for me for all the things I loved.

Slowly I started including more personal posts and as my audience grew and asked for more content, I posted more and started working on branded projects until I was in a position to leave my job and take the blog full time.

Now the blog allows me to talk about things I love and what’s important to me, while also travelling lots and working with great brands – even collaborating on a jewellery collection. It’s funny that a job that didn’t even exist when I started my career has ended up feeling like my dream job! 


What qualities do you look for when buying a new luxury piece? 

When it comes to fashion, longevity above all else. That doesn’t have to mean simplicity if I really, really love it, but it needs to be something I’ll wear now and in years to come. The two things I really invest in are bags and shoes and I sometimes spend months debating things before I finally take the plunge, but that way when I do finally go for it, there’s zero regret.

I also don’t believe in luxury items being tucked away in dust bags and only worn a handful of times a year. I think beautiful things are there to be worn and loved, not hidden in your wardrobe because you’re too scared of wear and tear to even take them out of the house. A tiny bit of wear and tear only makes them more special in my mind. 


Lucy Williams of Fashion Me Now  Photo by YSL

You recently visited Song Saa – one of our brands to trust – can you tell us about your trip? 

I was blown away by how amazing Song Saa was. It had long been on my bucket list and didn’t disappoint. They manage to combine luxury and amazing service with the rustic nature of its Cambodian island setting perfectly.

The work the Song Saa Foundation does with local communities, from education to the environment, makes for a more peaceful stay because you know your room rate alone is giving back rather than just taking. The food was some of the best I’ve had and the team work hard to source everything as locally as they can. They’ve even found an amazing Cambodian mozzarella producer!

It’s easy to compare Song Saa with the Maldives thanks to its tropical setting, white sand and rooms on stilts over the water, but it feels inherently different to some of the Maldives resorts. Song Saa has real soul as well as feeling like a tiny oasis away from it all. Plus, that infinity pool, might just be the best I’ve ever had a dip in. Don’t miss a day trip to the bright white 5-mile beach by speed boat too – a life highlight! 




What’s the best part of your job?

Definitely the traveling I do. Getting to experience once in a lifetime places like Song Saa will always feel so special. Kenya, Sri Lanka, India and the Caribbean have been a few highlights over the last few years as well as some amazing places in Italy and Greece.

However, I’ve just moved into a new flat in London with a dedicated home office which is a real treat, so I’m enjoying being at home right now too. 


What is your favourite Positive Luxury brand? 

Oskia‘s skincare is insanely good (my sister is really into it too) and I love Malin + Goetz bodycare. The fact they’re unisex and look great on a shelf makes deciding what shower gel to buy much easier when you’re cohabiting too! I’m pretty loyal to brands when it comes to beauty and these are two I always go back to again and again.

Loewe, Celine and Louis Vuitton are three of everyone’s favourite luxury brands too and always up there as some of the directional highlights from Paris fashion week. When it comes to bags, you can’t really go wrong with one of these… 




What is your positive action for the year ahead?  

In today’s world of social media and online content, it’s very easy to feel like we should all be wearing a different outfit every day. There’s always something new to covet and want, but real life isn’t like that and I think shopping less but better is the way we as consumers can do our bit to make the fashion industry a more sustainable place.

In my everyday wardrobe and in the content I create, I always try to combine old staples with new pieces for a more realistic approach to getting dressed. I think being aware of the amount of things we are buying and discarding is really important. It’s a difficult route to navigate in the blogging world but it’s something I’m always keen to stay true to.

And after seeing Before the Flood, I’m definitely interested in trying to avoid Palm Oil in beauty and food as much as I can too. That part of the documentary really stuck with me in terms of actionable steps we can take in our daily choices.  


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