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Brand to trust Nosouj, named after the Arabic word for hand weaving, blends traditional craftsmanship techniques with contemporary design language. Nosouj’s bags are handwoven from discarded fabric, reviving and transforming the unwanted into artisanal luxury pieces. 

Positive Luxury catches up with Basma Abdul Hadi, the founder and designer behind accessories brand Nosouj, to find out what inspired the brand and its ethos. 


Image credit: Mustafa Burak Aytekin

Basma Abdul Hadi, founder and designer of Nosouj. Image credit: Mustafa Burak Aytekin


What inspired you to start Nosouj?

I think any designer will tell you that it’s something that they just fell into. It’s not planned, it’s almost something that finds you. For me, it stemmed from something I was personally searching for; a quality artisan bag that I could carry every and anywhere. 


Why is it important to you that Nosouj products are handcrafted? 

At its heart, Nosouj is an eco-luxury brand that strongly believes that the future of fashion is “fashion with a purpose” connecting social responsibility and style.

We consider ourselves part of the growing movement of sustainable fashion, which we believe is the future of the retail industry, moving away from mass factory production and consumerism to slow sustainable fashion.

Everything at Nosouj is artisan-made and handcrafted. We strongly believe that not only does slow, sustainable fashion promote social responsibility, but that the future of the retail industry will belong to brands with a purpose.

First and foremost Nosouj is a vehicle that empowers women, giving value to a tradition that is slowly disappearing and highlighting those rare and exceptional skills that are often unappreciated.  As Thomas More said “tradition is not to preserve the ashes but to pass on the flame”.


Nosouj Hannah Pom Pom Clutch

Nosouj Hannah Pom Pom Clutch


Who is the person you have in mind when designing the Nosouj collection? 

Nosouj is an attitude, appealing to different kinds of people.  


If you could change one thing about the fashion industry, what would it be? 

I really don’t think that fast fashion is sustainable. Although it makes clothing accessible to many more people the amount of waste and pollution is truly heartbreaking. 





What do you like best about running your own brand? 

The creative process is the most appealing part. It is so rewarding to be able to channel my creativity into a tangible product that is attractive to others not just myself.


What is your personal luxury? 

Florence is my second home and my escape. I never thought that I could fall deeper in love with the city, but the more I am in Florence the more I treasure it.


Find out more about Nosouj on their brand page, or click on the Butterfly Mark below to view their positive actions. 


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