Positive Luxury meets…
Nezha Alaoui of Maison Mayshad

Each Maison Mayshad handbag is exquisitely crafted in the most prestigious Parisian Workshops, imbuing every piece with the philosophy and personality of the brand. 

Positive Luxury caught up with founder and designer Nezha Alaoui to find out more about the brand and what to expect from the upcoming collection. 

Nezha Alaoui of Maison Mayshad Paris

What three words would you use to describe Maison Mayshad? 

Luxury. Exclusivity. Empowerment.

What kind of woman or women do you keep in mind when designing?

When I design I think of the Mayshad women of the world. They are the hard working and positive women who have a natural sense of elegance. Their style reflects the confidence of their personality. 

Statement Purse by Maison Mayshad

Statement Purse by Maison Mayshad

One of your most popular bags is the “Be Who You Want to Be” purse – what does this statement mean to you?  

It means that the woman who carries it, is at that level of accomplishment in her life, but it also means that she is inspiring others to also reach those goals. 

If it was just on a personal level, the statement would be “Being whom I want be”. 


Where do you look for inspiration?

Everywhere, everyday. In every woman I meet and listen to. My strength as a designer and entrepreneur has always been to listen, analyse and grow my sense of awareness. 

I constantly listen to the world and try to understand what it needs. And today’s world needs empowerment. I became very conscious of it about 7 years ago.

Mosaic Bag SS17 Collection by Maison Mayshad

Mosaic Bag SS17 Collection by Maison Mayshad

Can you tell us a bit about your upcoming collection?

New fabrics, new patterns, new colours. 

I commit to only producing 5 handbags per colour per style, this limited approach means my clients have a more exclusive and unique purchase. 

I am always exploring new techniques and searching for unconventional fabrics for my collections. My technical production team then transforms these through to create the high standards of luxury leather goods that Maison Mayshad is known for.


What is a personal luxury you couldn’t live without? 

The luxury to “Be who I want to be” –  pursuing my dream to bring positivity to the world, and living my passion for creativity 




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